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  • Medical Device Link . Novel Electrochemical Techniques for Analysis of Metallic Biomaterials Surfaces
    aluminum-4% vanadium (Ti-6Al-4V) alloy showing the oxide film that spontaneously forms on its surface. Note its domed-shape appearance and the difference between the alpha-phase oxide and the beta-phase oxide (raised portion in the center of image). The properties of these passive oxide films depend
  • Thermal Considerations For DC/DC Converters
    : The efficiency varies with input line, output load and operating temperature. Application Note DC-004 DC/DC CONVERTERS DCDC_AN04_REV01.PDF. SHEET 1 OF 7. METAL CASE. PCB. THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE POTTING. HEADER. (SINGLE-SIDED PCB). FIGURE 1. METAL. ALUMINUM OXIDE. COPPER WIRING. FIGURE 2. In Figure 1
  • Lubrication Pocket Glossary
    . The number of milligrams of acid required to. neutralize one gram of an oil sample. ASTM D974 uses. hydrochloric acid and a color-indicator titration; ASTM. D2896 uses perchloric acid in a potentiometric titration. Bentonite Thickener. Clay composed mainly of silicon dioxide and aluminum. oxide

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