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Parts by Number for BGA Assembly Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
BGA-3528 National Microchip Metcal Not Provided ASSEMBLY MICRO-OVEN 3500 SERIES

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  • Giga-snaP BGA SMT Adapters
    to fracture. socketing 1mm BGA chips. The product line. the substrate, which allows the solder ball to. consists of patent pending female sockets. flow up the pin and wick away - sometimes. with machined pins epoxy over-molded into. on the initial solder attachment. an assembly that matches a particular
  • GHz BGA Socket User Manual
    SOCKET USER MANUAL. Table of Contents. Selecting a BGA socket. 3. Socket Mechanics. 3. PCB Requirements. 4. Backing Plate. 5. BGA Socket Assembly. 5. MLF (QFN) Socket Assembly: 6. Torque Driver. 7. Vacuum Pen. 7. Elastomer Cleaning Procedure. 8. Surface Mount (SM) Adaptor. 10. Thru Hole (TH
  • Comprehensive Methodology to Characterize and Mitigate BGA Pad Cratering in Printed Circuit Boards
    The conversion to lead-free Ball Grid Array (BGA) packages has raised several new assembly and reliability issues. One reliability concern becoming more prevalent is the increased propensity of pad cratering in Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). In general, lead-free solder joints are stiffer than
  • Thermal Profiling Optimizes Printed Circuit Board Assembly
    . 20 – Global SMT & Packaging - April 2008. Thermal profiling optimizes printed circuit board assembly. the volatiles evaporate, voids can form. inside the solder balls (in extreme cases a. ‘blowout’ on the ball could occur). BGA. rework, an elaborate and time-consuming. task
  • Adding Solder to a NanoBond (R) Assembly
    . Spanish. French. Korean. Chinese (Simplified). Chinese (Traditional). Categories. Alloys Solder. Antimony Solder. AuSn. B2B Marcom. Ball Attach. Bar Flux. Bar Solder. Bar Wave. BGA. BGA Process. Bismuth. Bismuth Alloys. Bismuth Tin Alloy. Bonding Ribbon. BtoB Marcom. Burn In. Bus Ribbon. Chip Attach
  • Medical Device Link . Advanced Electronic Packaging Techniques Enhance Function, Performance, and Portability
    manufacturing yield. Second, they must develop a manufacturing procedure that can sustain the overall quality of BGA assemblies across an extended period of time. And lastly, they must characterize and qualify the BGA assembly process for long-term reliability. Developing the capacity to produce high-quality
  • Spring Pin Socket User Manual
    SS-BGA sockets provide high bandwidth in a small, cost effective ZIF socket for prototype, test and burn-in applications. SS-BGA socket is a simple, mechanical socket based on spring pin technology. SS-BGA socket is a solder-less socket that can be mounted on to a PCB using supplied hardware
  • Socket-Adapter Systems: A Practical Test Alternative (.pdf)
    . Reprinted from the August/September 2006 edition of ADVANCED PACKAGING. Copyright 2006 by PennWell Corporation. S O C K E T S. the device. Soldered to a lead-free BGA. adapter, the device is converted from. SMT to thru-hole; the device/adapter. assembly can then be plugged into the. board-mounted

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