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  • Ball Grid Array (BGA)
    Ball-grid array (BGA) is an integrated circuit (IC) package type that places output pins in a solder-ball matrix. BGA traces are fabricated on polyimide-based films, or on laminated substrates such as bismaleimide triazine (BT). As a rule, BGA traces are designed to minimize crosstalk and potential
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    accelerate the development of true system-in-packaging (SIP) products by several years, has learned. The company--Substrate Technologies Inc. (STI)--has begun producing what it calls "built-up " BGA substrates for high-performance chip-packaging applications. The Carrollton, Tex.-based company
  • Variables of Pin Transfer (.pdf)
    Pin transfer is a way of selectively depositing a semi-solid or liquid material (like a solder paste or ball-attach flux) onto a substrate. It is commonly used to apply flux to BGA (ball-grid-array) pads to promote subsequent solder sphere attachment. Pins are dipped into a reservoir of material so
  • MICRO:Semicon Southwest '98 - Technical/Business Programs (Oct. '98, p.127)
    . For a complete listing, log onto SEMI's Web site, Flip Chip, BGA, and Packaging I Chairs: Deborah Patterson, Flip Chip; and George Riley, Hycomp Performance of Evaporated and Plated Bumps on Organic and Ceramic Substrates Addi Mistry, Jim Kleffner, John Czarnowski, Tim Scanlon, Jerry Lozano, James Guajardo