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  • Thermometer Installation, Operation and Maintenance (.pdf)
    . Bi-Metal Thermometers. Bi-Metal Thermometers. Winters’ bi-metal thermometers are direct sensing instruments that are hermetically sealed and thus completely. waterproof and dustproof. For accurate temperature readings, the stem should be immersed past the groove on the. lower portion of the stem. All
  • Adhesion Promotion on Inorganic or Organic Substrates (.pdf)
    An adhesion promoter is a bi-functional compound that can chemically react with both the substrate and the adhesive. Known for increasing an adhesive's bond strength, it can be applied in two ways: by being mixed with. the adhesive or applied directly to the substrate. Unlike priming systems
  • FlexMetal Catalyst Technologies (.pdf)
    single layer Pd-only, Pd/Rh and Pt/Rh and dual. ZrO2 and other metal oxides for enhanced oxygen. layer bi-metal Pd/Rh and Pt/Rh and tri-metal Pt/Pd/Rh. storage (OS) properties. It has been found that doping. the CeO2 lattice with Zr results in both access to bulk. The new PGM placement strategies
  • Quick Reference: Periodic Table
    . 72. Hf. 73. Ta. 74. 75. Re. 76. Os. 77. Ir. 78. Pt. 79. Au. 80. Hg. 81. Tl. 82. Pb. 83. Bi. 84. Po. 85. At. 86. Rn. 87. Fr. 88. Ra. 103. Lr. 104. Rf. 105. Db. 106. Sg. 107. Bh. 108. Hs. 109. Mt. 110. Ds. 111. Rg. 112. Uub. 113. Uut. 114. Uuq. 115. Uup. 116. Uuh. 117. Uus. 118. Uuo. 57. La. 58. Ce. 59
  • Optical Comparators in Medical Device Manufacturing
    Gages. Dial Indicator Snap Gages. Micrometer Head to Speed Gaging. Dial Protractor Heads. Universal Bench Gage. Turbine Nozzle Diaphragm Opening Gages. Turbine Compressor Rotor Spacers. Special Order. Service. Saws & Hand Tool Products. Band Saw Blades. Weld Express Program. PowerCalc. Bi-Metal
  • Wiring Diagrams for Madison Controllers and Annunciators (.pdf)
    Current. Ultra-Low Pressure. Low Water Level. High-Pressure Differential. HVAC. Ultra-Sensitive Differential. Actuator Pressure Switch. General Purpose OEM Pressure Switch. Temperature. Thermocouples. RTD/Thermistors. Bi-metal Switches. Contact Us. Name: Email Message: If requesting a quote, click
  • * Copper Concentrate Analysis by Pressed Powder Method
    . Calibration was performed for the elements of Cu, Zn,. Pb, Bi, Ag, As and Cd by using the Supermini200 with. Ac. A curac. cura y: y 0.26mass. 0.2. %. 6mass. Ac. A cura. c. c. ura y: y 0. 0 04. 0 8. 4 mas. 8. s. mas %. Pd target X-ray tube. Path atmosphere was in vacuum. 10. 20. 30. 40. 50. 0. 2. 4. 6
  • Nitralloy, Nitralloy 135 & Nitralloy 135m
    Metals & Forge's website includes all types of free metallurgical resources such as a SteelLog Dictionary, a Ferrous/Non-Ferrous Materials Overview, AlloyInfo Reports, and much more. There is even a bi-monthly newsletter published by All Metals & Forge that provides the latest industry news. To learn