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  • Medical Device Link . Meeting the challenge of stability
    be made for polynucleotides and oligonucleotides and nucleases. The author's bias toward identification of root cause, and corrective action directed to root cause, is obvious. It reflects the underlying belief that this focus is the most definitive approach to solving any problem, not just instability
  • Stability of Silicon Photodiodes for Laser Emission Measurements (.pdf)
    with an. maintaining their calibrations over long periods and a fairly wide. applied reverse bias voltage and a resultant dark leakage current factor. temperature range. This performance must be achieved within the. which doubles for every 10 degrees centigrade increase in tempera-. optical transducer. Our
  • Life Test Stability/Aging Data Obtained from Two Studies (.pdf)
    in the customer’s application. Cornerstone Sensors, Inc. Page 5. June 20, 2008. Stability Data for Cornerstone Sensors, Inc. T021D103.02.H Thermistor. Aged at 90 °C With An Applied Bias Current of 3 mA. The Data Represent the Average of 38 Thermistors Aged at 90 °C. Total Cumulative Aging Time Was 3000
  • Breakthrough in High Performance Inertial Navigation Grade Sigma-Delta MEMS Accelerometer
    sigma-delta closed-loop electronic with digital loop filtering and high stability voltage reference. Reported performances for a full scale range of 15g, with shock survivability up to 4000g, are a 10 ?g bias stability under warm-up, a bias temperature slope below 200 ?g/°C, a scale factor temperature
  • Medical Device Link .
    evaluated for stability: reagent, calibrator, or control. To allow for adequate evaluation of the IVD components for stability, manufacturers should identify the control criteria for their particular system to detect and reduce the bias effect of the test system as a whole. These control criteria should
  • Gun Hard Inertial Measurement Unit Based on MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer and Rate Sensor (.pdf)
    technology, which. based on its MS8000 product family. The focus has been on reduces the stress levels on the MEMS die to extremely small. maintaining the same level of bias and scale factor stability levels. Any stress on the MEMS die will cause an imbalance of. post firing shock levels. the lower
  • Varactor Diodes
    . In a well-constructed diode, the. diode stability through a stress cycle such as burn-in. Of all the. breakdown occurs when the electric field across the diode. measurable parameters, a shift in leakage current at a given bias. reaches the limit that causes an avalanche of conductors through. voltage
  • Amplifying High-Impedence Sensors ? Photodiode Example
    amps, is broken down into four design steps: DC, stability compensation, closed-loop gain and noise This design step sets the DC gain and bias point to reduction. ensure proper operation. It also addresses DC offsets. A design using a PIN photodiode (light detector) illus- High-impedance sensors have

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