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    For example, a divide-by-two circuit provides one output for every two inputs. For non-truncated dividers, the number of bits or stages is 2n, where n is the number of flip-flops (bits) in the divider. Performance and Operation. Logic dividers vary... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    RF Frequency Multipliers - (59 companies)
    RF Frequency Multipliers Information. RF frequency multipliers are nonlinear devices that produce an output signal with a frequency that is larger than the frequency of a corresponding input signal by a predetermined factor. RF frequency multipliers... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Voltage-to-Frequency Converter Chips - (10 companies)
    Voltage-to-Frequency Converter Chips Information. Voltage-to-frequency converter chips provide a signal frequency output as a function of an analog input voltage. A voltage-to-frequency converter chip is widely used for applications where... Learn More
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    Voltage Dividers and Voltage References - (67 companies) an input voltage (Vin). They consist of a series of fixed resistors (R1 and R2) that function as a highly accurate, variable potentiometer. Kelvin-Varley devices, a type of voltage divider, use a bridge circuit with two standard-value resistors... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Frequency-to-Voltage Converter Chips - (8 companies)
    In a frequency to voltage converter circuit, a 1 mA current is shot in the integrator input for a fixed duration of time whenever the value of the comparator threshold circuit becomes negative. The amount of charge passing through the capacitor is directly... Learn More
  • RF Frequency Converters - (180 companies)
    RF frequency converters are integrated component assemblies required for converting microwave signals to lower (or intermediate) or higher frequency range for further processing. RF Frequency Converters Information. RF frequency converters... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • RF Power Dividers and RF Power Combiners - (283 companies)
    ...that are theoretically equal in both amplitude and phase. Zero-degree RF combiners join multiple input signals to provide one output. When selecting 0 o dividers, power divider division is an important specification to consider. This parameter... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Decade Boxes and Dividers - (64 companies)
    ...of decade boxes and dividers. Standards are devices that usually consist of a single, fixed value component or several components not in the same circuit. Standards with more than one component (e.g., several fixed value resistors) have multiple posts... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Time and Frequency Standards Information. Time standards and frequency standards can include cesium or rubidium atomic clocks, quartz oscillators, hydrogen masers and other master clocks. Time reference sources are used... Search by Specification | Learn More

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  • Design and implementation of frequency synthesizers for 3-10 ghz mulitband ofdm uwb communication
    The circuits are implemented in 0 .25µm SiGe BiCMOS and the architectures are based on a single VCO at a fixed frequency followed by an array of dividers , multiplexers and single sideband (SSB ) mixers to generate the 11 required bands in quadrature...
  • A 29.5 to 31.7 GHz PLL in 65 nm CMOS technology
    PLLs with fixed modulus divider are designed in [4]-[6], while multi-channel frequency synthesizers with multi-modulus dividers are published in [7]-[11]. A BiCMOS PLL proposed by Winkler et al. [4] provides carrier frequencies of 54.5 GHz to...
  • A 20-GHz integer-N frequency synthesizer for 60-GHz transceivers in 90nm CMOS
    PLLs with fixed modulus are designed in [1]-[3], while multi-channel frequency synthesizers with programmable dividers are published in [4]-[7]. [1] presented a 54.5-57.8 GHz PLL manufactured in a SiGe:C BiCMOS technology.
  • A CMOS high-speed wide-range programmable counter
    In modern communication systems, the frequency synthesizer is often used to generate high frequency outputs from a fixed low frequency input. The performance of frequency synthesizer is usually limited by the frequency divider and the voltage-controlled oscillator... Traditionally, high-speed frequency dividers were imple- mented in GaAs or BiCMOS technology [2], [3].
  • Phase noise simulation and estimation methods: a comparative study
    In modern communication systems, the frequency synthesizer is often used to generate high frequency outputs from a fixed low frequency input. The performance of frequency synthesizer is usually limited by the frequency divider and the voltage-controlled oscillator... Traditionally, high-speed frequency dividers were imple- mented in GaAs or BiCMOS technology [2], [3].
  • A 15 to 18-GHz Programmable Sub-Integer Frequency Synthesizer for a 60-GHz Transceiver
    ...there have been multiple examples of 50-60 GHz silicon VCOs; a few fixed - modulus silicon PLLs... This paper presents a fully-integrated, low-noise, 15 to 18-GHz, programmable frequency synthesizer implemented in 0.13-µm SiGe BiCMOS . ...division ratios in the loop, reduced power dissipation due to the lower frequency divider , and a more...
  • A 16–18.8-GHz Sub-Integer-N Frequency Synthesizer for 60-GHz Transceivers, there have been multiple examples of 50–60 GHz silicon VCOs; a few fixed -modulus silicon PLLs... Only now are multi-channel programmable frequency synthesizers being published which can be used for 60-GHz... 18.8 GHz, programmable frequency synthesizer implemented in 0.13- m SiGe BiCMOS , which has sufficient... ...frequency tripler to generate the millimeter-wave (mmWave) LO signal and a frequency divider to generate the...
  • Silicon-germanium ICs for satellite microwave front-ends
    The frequency divider cells have been combined with a high-speed phase-frequency-detector/charge-pump circuitry (PFD/CP) in a fixed -ratio frequency synthesizer IC, meant as a building block for the signal generation section of Ka-band systems. The bias current ratio in the first divider cell has been set as hatch = Igate/2, so that... We presented microwave building blocks for satellite com- munication systems in the SiGe QUBiC4G BiCMOS tech- nology.
  • A 1.57-GHz RF front-end for triple conversion GPS receiver
    The frequency synthesizer is therefore a very simple design, and fixed dividers with simple division ratios can be used, resulting in a further reduction in power consumption. ...ECL) divide-by-eight prescaler, and has been integrated in a 1- m BiCMOS technology, whose NPN...
  • A 5.4GHz 0.35/spl mu/m BiCMOS FBAR Resonator Oscillator in Above-IC Technology
    A 5GHz FBAR oscillator was designed using AMIS SiGe 0.35µm BiCMOS process and above-IC processing. To compensate for process variations of the resonance frequency of the FBAR resonator, a varactor can be... The oscillator can be used as a reference signal source followed by a programmable divider for a completely integrated multimode PLL as well as a fixed RF oscillator for wide-band IF double conversion receivers.
  • Notice of Violation of IEEE Publication Principles
    A Single-Conversion SiGe BiCMOS Satellite TV LNB Front-End Using an Image Reject Mixer and a Calibrated F...
    ...high fT NPN bipolar transistors and the low parasitic capacitance MOSFET switches available in modern BiCMOS processes. The PLL front-end (XTAL oscillator, reference clock buffer, phase- frequency -detector PFD and charge-pumps CPi/CPp... ...end, including the full-rate oscillator and the first stage of the feedback divider (Div.N) operate... ...presents the detailed schematic of the input low noise amplifier (LNA) that has a fixed 15dB gain.
  • Low-Voltage SOI CMOS VLSI Devices and Circuits
    ...133 current clamper (BCC), 293 driven equalizer (BDEQ), 291 effect, 42, 234-235 fixed technique, 313 potential... ...236 circuit, 233 gate-body-connected (GBC), 271 inverter, 237 technique, 302 Dynamic BiCMOS logic circuit, 241... ...149 Flip-flop, 303 master-slave, 325 RS, 282 Floating body, 72,217,279 effect, 13, 18,51,61,82, 118, 165,219,246, 274, 283, 298, 316, 339, 367, 378, 385 Forward transit time, 382 Frequency divider , 325, 269 Frequency cut...
  • An ultralow power CMOS/SIMOX programmable counter LSI
    The circuit performance of the counter is demonstrated and compared to that of BiCMOS PLL LSI’s in... A block diagram of a phase-locked-loop (PLL) frequency synthesizer using the pulse swallow method is... It usually consists of a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), a programmable frequency divider (PFD), a loop filter (LF), a phase frequency comparator (PFC), and a reference oscillator with a fixed divider.
  • A frequency hopping synthesizer chip for GSM and DCS systems
    The purpose of this project is to integrate all the main building blocks of a PLL-based synthesizer [1][2] with maximum input frequency of 2 GHz and maximum reference frequency of... ...loop filter, using a standard 0.8 µm BiCMOS process. Thus, the input frequency of the following programmable CMOS counters is held almost fixed independent of the... Thus, the final output frequency of the divider and DMD combination can be expressed mathematically by equation...
  • A compact triple-band Eureka-147 RF tuner with an FM receiver
    ...the VCO frequency, using switching between quadrature phases to give 128kHz resolution with a 256kHz comparison frequency . The post divider sub-divides this to give 64kHz resolution in L band, increasing to 4kHz resolu... The IC is manufactured in a 0.35µm SiGe BiCMOS process, fea- turing 5fF/µm2 poly-poly-diffusion... ...1] ETSI EN 300 401, “Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) to Mobile, Portable and Fixed Receivers,�? 2001.

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