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  • Crosswalk Safety Study for UIUC Campus:
    a. faculty member, the University of Wisconsin at Madison has a bike and. pedestrian coordinator and a senior transportation planner, the University of. Minnesota has a bike coordinator to work with pedestrian and bicycle safety. issues, and the University of Iowa has a half-time transportation modes
  • Introduction to Plastic Modular Belts
    the individual sprocket teeth positively engage the underside of the belt -- think sprocket and chain on a bicycle. These efficiency gains permit the use of lower-horsepower drive motors that result in energy savings for the plant. Unlike flat-belt systems that depend on high tension to transfer torque
  • Medical Device Link . The Future Arrives for Medical Displays
    . Or, in the case of heart-valve surgery, the flat panels may provide images and data about regurgitation or about the valve itself. The device resembles a bicycle helmet with two small LCD screens mounted in front. "It is less intrusive than a pair of sunglasses, " says Vista Medical's Briefs. "The beauty