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  • T.V.S. Diode/S.A.D. (Silicon Avalanche Diode) Application Notes (.pdf)
    The Transient Voltage Suppressor diode (T.V.S.) is specifically designed to protect electronic circuits against transients and over voltages. It is a silicon avalanche device available in both uni-directional or bi-directional configurations. With a uni-directional, the specified clamping
  • Selecting an ESD Suppressor (.pdf)
    Littelfuse offers three device technologies for the suppression of ESD events and other EMC-related transients. These are the MultiLayer Metal Oxide Varistor, silicon (SCR/Diode Array and TVS Avalanche Diode Arrays) and Polymeric Voltage Variable Material technologies. Though these products have
  • Medical Device Link .
    monolithic die array, provides smaller footprint than conventional TVS. ASICs. ASIC, analog or mixed signal ultra-low power. Diode/bridge. Schottky die, 20 100 V, variety of sizes and metal contacts. Schottky die, single and dual, 40 70 V, variety of sizes and metal contacts. Input protection
  • Littelfuse "ML" Multilayer Surface Mount Surge Suppressors (.pdf)
    processing. The ML suppressor is a. inch by 0.100 (“1210”) inch device. compact, surface mountable chip that is voltage dependent,. nonlinear, and bidirectional. It has an electrical behavior. The crystalline structure of the ML transient voltage suppressor. similar to that of a back-to-back diode, i.e.