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  • Glossary of Terms for Thermal Control and Protection
    terminal switch possessing both Normally Open and a Normally Closed contact configurations. S.P.S.T. (Single Pole/Single Throw): A switch with a single set of terminals and a single set of contacts. Thermal Cutoff Fuse: A device that melts its internal element to open a circuit in an over-temperature
  • Disc-Type Bimetallic Devices - Types of Thermal Controls, Techical Article
    Disc-type bimetallic devices get their name from the shape of the bimetallic element that is utilized in these devices. The bimetallic element is generally round in shape and is then specially formed to give it a "disc" like shape. Disc Type Thermal Devices | Bimetal Thermal Control | Bimetallic
  • Full Overheating Protection
    by an overheated part of a heating track. According to Gerd Kloppers, Ferro's development engineering manager, temperature protective devices such as bimetal switches, thermal fuses and negative temperature coefficient thermistors (NTCs) are limited in their performance by providing only local
  • Ferro Techniek's E-FAST® Sensor Technology
    Why use E-FAST®? Because our elements are high powered, fast and extremely responsive, any lack of dissipation of the heat due to abnormal use, dirt or scaling should be detected immediately. Bimetal switches, thermal fuses, NTC's and other present-day temperature protective devices are limited
  • Thermostats like it hot
    coefficients of thermal expansion are bonded into one element. When temperature changes, the metal strips expand at different rates, bending the element in an arc to make or break a set of contacts. One drawback to fused-bimetal strips is that the switchover tends to creep, so that there is not an immediate
  • Applications of the TC62X Solid-State Temperature Sensors
    low, repeatable hysteresis when com-. FIGURE 5A: Boosting Output Drive. pared with bimetal ic thermal switches. The TC620. Current. control output provides programmable hysteresis,. which is equal to the difference between the high and. low set points. There is also about 2°C of hysteresis at. AC
  • Medical Device Link .
    current surges. The circuit breaker should be mounted in a vertical plane to prevent gravity from influencing the movement of the solenoid. If the circuit breaker is mounted in a horizontal plane, derating is required. Thermal Circuit Breakers incorporate a heat-responsive bimetal strip or disk

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