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  • Comparative Corrosion Resistance of RU- and Pd- Modified C.P. Titanium Alloys (.pdf)
    substantially less. resistant than corresponding base metal. Ti-Pd and Ti-Ru binary alloys (Grades 7, 16, 26) displayed. comparable base/weld corrosion performance. All these alloys represent potentially viable, lower cost. alternatives to the traditional Pd-rich Grade 7 titanium alloy for the vast majority
  • Structure-Property Relationships in Conventional and Nanocrystalline NiTi Intermetallic Alloy Wire (.pdf)
    . (a) Dark field (DF) TEM image of sample with median 50-nm grain size. (b) Binary conversion of preceding DF-TEM image for digital. grain size analysis. (c) Ellipsoidal representation of analyzed grain field showing lack of residual grain elongation in the drawing (arrow) direc-. tion. (d) Bright field (BF
  • Medical Device Link . Superelastic Nitinol for Medical Devices
    and biologically compatible with the human body. Although a large number of Ni-Ti ternary alloys have been introduced, none has been objectively shown to be superior to simple binary Ni-Ti with between 50.6 and 51.0 atomic percent nickel. Figure 1. Stress-strain curve for a Ti-Ni alloy (50.8 atomic percent Ni
  • Nickel
    , high proportional limits, and high moduli of elasticity. Commercially pure nickel has good electrical, magnetic, and magnetostrictive properties. Common nickel alloy families include: commercially pure nickel; binary systems, such as Ni-Cu, Ni-Si, and Ni-Mo; ternary systems, such as Ni-Cr-Fe and Ni
  • Engineering Characteristics of Drawn Filled Nitinol Tube (.pdf)
    ®-Pt, DFT wire, composite wire, Nitinol wire, superelastic composite,. pseudoelastic composite, radiopaque composite, radiopaque wire, radiopaque guidewire, Nitinol guidewire, Nitinol stent, DFT wire. stent, stent, radiopaque stent, radiopaque guidewire, guidewire. INTRODUCTION. The binary
  • Assessment of Eutectic Solder Phase Growth in Under-The-Hood Power Control Modules (.pdf)
    in the production of an excess concentration of. grow larger, the total grain boundary area decreases,. vacancies, which creates additional paths for material. which, in turn lowers the free energy of the system. transport across phase boundaries. In binary alloys,. Particles with smaller size tend
  • Magnetostriction: Basic Physical Elements
    , waveguide, position-determining permanent magnet. marketable analog outputs and digital point-to-point parallel (BCD,. and strain pulse converter. Binary, Gray) and serial (SSI) interfaces, position sensors are avai-. lable for direct connection to the Fieldbus standards CANopen,. CANbasic, DeviceNet
  • Medical Device Link .
    conclusions, and others have achieved physically quantifiable results. Studies that have achieved quantifiable results have been limited to pure metals such as copper, aluminium, titanium and binary intermetallics such as iron aluminides.8,9 Recent research has primarily focused on theoretical discussion

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