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  • Put It To The Test
    . Test center. It was November 2000 when a rental tories for the investment casting indus-. truck filled with the ingredients to. try embarked on its first journey to find. Put it to the. make specialty binders and refrac-. the ideal mixer. The binder and refrac-. test. A binder and refractory
  • Tungsten
    Tungsten is a heavy metal that can be classified as a refractory metal, i.e., one with a high melting point. Refractory metals can be useful for their strength at high temperatures and their resistance to corrosion. Tungsten is difficult to melt, so commercial non-alloyed tungsten is produced
  • DynaGuard Flexible Insulation Used in Rotory Kiln Applications (.pdf)
    of. the refractory lining or the mechanical wear that will occur in application. • Ceramic fiber papers: Ceramic paper is thin and has low thermal conductivity,. but contains organic binders that will burn out after exposure to heat, leaving the. paper without the necessary mechanical strength necessary for survival
  • Dry Refractories
    Dry refractories are supplied as a dry powder that is applied and fired in place. Silicate, phosphate or other binders are activated upon firing. Dry refractory powders or aggregates are tamped into the floor or vibrated in-place between the furnace wall and a removable furnace "former
  • Ceramic Electronic and IC Packaging Design Guide
    particle sizes with fluxes. tape with refractory metal pastes. or electrolytic gold. Electrolytic plating. lids, leads, seal rings) in Kovar, Al oy 42,. and smal amounts of organic binders. using precision screen printing. requires that al exposed circuits be. Custom Pin Grid Arrays. Spring Steel
  • Qualification Method For Powder Injection Molded Components
    . W-Cu, Mo-Cu. High thermal conductivity, low. thermal expansion. Magnetic. Electronic, solenoids,. Fe-3%Si1. armatures, relays. Fe-50%Ni1. Fe-50%Co1. Hardmetals. Cutting and Wear. WC-5Co. Higher hardness. Applications. WC-10Co. Higher toughness. Refractory. High Temperature,. Ta. Electronic. Metals
  • Emissivity Tables for Infrared Thermometers
    ). 0.93. Basalt. 68 (20). 0.72. Brick. Red, rough. 70 (21). 0.93. Gault Cream. 2500-5000 (1371-2760). .26-.30. Fire Clay. 2500 (1371). 0.75. Light Buff. 1000 (538). 0.8. Lime Clay. 2500 (1371). 0.43. Fire Brick. 1832 (1000). .75-.80. Magnesite, Refractory. 1832 (1000). 0.38. Grey Brick. 2012 (1100). 0.75

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