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  • Measuring the Biofuels Blend Ratio in Gasoline and Diesel Fuel
    in an increase of biodiesel and ethanol production. The InfraSpec can measure percent biodiesel. in diesel fuel, ethanol in gasoline, water in ethanol as well as total glycerides during the biodiesel reaction process. Using the InfraSpec Spectrometer for making pass/fail determinations for total
  • New, more robust RTD temperature sensor
    To prolong the life of marine diesel and gas engines, it's important to monitor and control exhaust gas temperatures - and this requires an accurate temperature sensor. Based on two types of sensor technology, temperature sensors either use a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) with PT100 thin
  • Arriving in the U.S. Market (,pdf)
    . of a 6-cylinder engine block. d. resistance, which is extremely important. a. in developing bio fuel and higher sulfur. e. diesel applications. S. These capabilities also contribute to. tr. the development of casting engine blocks. a. from lighter, stronger aluminium alloys. o. which inherently have
  • Holiday Rambler - Holidays Magazine
    (diesel) engines with no major modifications, is simple to use, biodegradable, nontoxic, and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics. Biodiesel is registered as a fuel and fuel additive with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and meets clean diesel standards established by the California Air
  • Basics of Design Engineering: Hydraulics New Sealing Systems Take the Heat
    to a new generation of diesel engines that run hotter and will likely need high-temperature catalytic oxidizers. That will subject hydraulics to more heat. The growing green movement has more machine operators turning to so-called environmentally friendly hydraulic fluids, but bio oils often aren 't so
  • Using the RULER technology
    lubricants, phosphate esters as well greases.  The RULER monitors antioxidants in combustion and engine lubrication, such as automotive and truck diesels,. locomotive/railway diesels, (bio)gas engine oils, and generator diesel oils.  The RULER monitors antioxidants (aromatic amines) in polyol ester
  • Portable vs. Stationary Generators
    to an organization's repute, loss of faith among consumers, and eventually, forfeiture of revenues. Portable Generators vs Stationary Generators | Diesel Service. Industrial Diesel Engines & Power Generators for over 30 Years. HOME. INVENTORY. USED GENERATORS (141). NEW GENERATORS (16). DIESEL GENERATORS
  • Lightweight Load Floor with Substantial Renewable Resource Content (.pdf)
    . In this case, load floors. that exhibit very different mass characteristics would be expected to result in very different CO2 emissions. for a vehicle over its life based solely on mass arguments. The analysis assumed vehicle life of 250,000 km,. a small diesel engine, no scrap in the process, no recycled

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