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    recently led to the discovery of a family of bone formation genes that can be influenced by bioactive materials. Prompted by this discovery, researchers are developing biomaterials specifically for the regeneration and repair of tissue, shifting the emphasis from replacement of tissues
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    coatings rely on biologically active materials loaded into a polymer matrix or bonded to the device surface. These bioactive materials prevent clot formation by altering the physiological responses of blood. In many coatings, the bioactive agent is heparin, a widely used drug that inhibits blood
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    High pressure processing (HPP) is used to treat foods, beverages, proteins, enzymes, and potentially other bioactive materials such as pharmaceuticals. HPP inactivates or destroys food pathogens and spoilage organisms such as bacteria or mold spores. To preserve food flavor, quality, and extend
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    material.4,5 It was found that after implantation in bone tissue, these glass materials resisted removal from the implant site and were, in effect, "bonded to bone." Hench used the term "bioactive glass" to describe this interfacial bond that developed between the implant and host tissue. The term bioactive
  • Medical Device Link . Using Nonconventional Processing to Develop Anisotropic and Biodegradable Composites of Starch-Based Thermoplastics Reinforced with Bone-Like Ceramics
    such a material should be based on trying to copy the structure (including anisotropy) and mechanical properties of bone, while at the same time ensuring that the material, once implanted, will exhibit a bioactive behavior. Composites of polyethylene reinforced with hydroxylapatite (HA) (initially developed
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    to address this demand, a research team at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta; ) has developed a bioactive coating technology that facilitates osseointegration, which is essential for. (Need to Know) Coating Technology Improves Implant Osseointegration (Web Exclusive August 08). Skip
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    Nanotube research could lead to the development of bioactive coatings that make implanted devices last longer and increase their compatibility with body tissues. (West Lafayette, IN) are aligning carbon nanotubes in the same orientation as that found in real bones. This technique reflects how
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    of an effort by researchers at the University of Michigan to create bioactive devices that interact with living cells. The plastic coating is. (R&D Digest) Coating Helps Prevent Sticky Situations (MDDI archive, Jul 08). Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source

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