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  • Medical Device Link . Literature Review: Biological Safety of Parylene C
    typical acute biological-safety testing profile, as specified in FDA's can cost in the neighborhood of $6000 and require 90 days to conduct. Subchronic, chronic, and carcinogenicity testing can add several thousand more to the price tag, and there is no guarantee that a material will pass the tests
  • Rotary Batch Blender Mixes Biological Products that Boost Farm Crops
    Agriculture has never been more challenging and fertility efficiency tools, such as inoculants, more important. Modern farmers rely on technology and production practices to significantly increase the yield of their food crops. Biological products like inoculants are a vital part of that strategy
  • Teledyne Scientific Instruments: Direct Sampling MS and MS/MS for Real-Time Air Monitoring
    6103. Series 9100. Gas Mixers and Gas Blenders. Series 2000. Series 2000 Ultraclean. Series 4000. Zero Air Generators. Series 7000. Zero Air Generator Maintenance. Gas Blending - Gas Delivery Systems. Series 3000 - Gas on Demand. Biological Atmosphere Incubation Mixers. Series 3000 - Biological
  • Medical Device Link .
    Migration of material components, contaminants, or breakdown products (substances generated by manufacturing or sterilization processes) into a patient can have biological effects. Leaching of these same chemicals can adversely affect device functionality by altering its physical and mechanical
  • Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Analysis by Modulated Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry (.pdf)
    , sterilisation of surgical instruments and localized treatment of biological tissues. Poster artwork @ A3 Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Analysis by. Modulated Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry. T.D. Whitmore, Y. Aranda-Gonzalvo, J.A. Rees, D.L. Seymour. Hiden Analytical Ltd., 420 Europa Boulevard
  • Applications of EBSD in Archaeometry (.pdf)
    Archaeometry is the application of scientific techniques developed for the physical and biological sciences to archaeology. Electron Backscatter Diffraction or EBSD has become relatively common in the materials science characterization laboratories all around the world. However, its application
  • Containment Technologies Group
    of Health System Pharmacists that identified the presence of antineoplastics contamination on surfaces in pharmacies in six cancer treatment centers in the United States and Canada. The engineering controls used in all of the studies were Class II biological safety cabinets. These reports are instrumental
  • Medical Device Link .
    detection of chemical and biological threats. Accurate characterization of electronic sensor components can help speed up development. Many types of biosensors, transducers, and detection systems are being investigated for bioterrorism defense applications, and also for more-general use. Some