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2872 Biophysical Journal Volume 83 November 2002 2872?2878...
and the construction of though effective for mixing, this approach tends to yield ultrarapid fluid-mixing devices (Roder and Shastry, 1999). poor

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Flowchart Methodology Utilizing Validated Process Models as...
Three case studies are reviewed ? evaporative processes, melt-spray congeal, and liquid mixing operations.
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Providing the MAUI Hybridization system for active mixing of ultra low volumes during microarray hybridization.

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to favor the presence of the monomeric species and thus facilitate mixing of the 12C 14 0 N and 13C 15 0 N species to form a heterotrimer.

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peptide into the cell membrane enables tions are fusion-active in lipid mixing assays (43). Thus, gp41 to simultaneously span the viral and cell

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