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Parts by Number for Bipolar Stepper Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MIKROE-334 Digi-Key MikroElektronika Programmers, Development Systems BOARD BIPOLAR STEPPER MOTOR DVR
DM164130-7 Digi-Key Microchip Technology Programmers, Development Systems MOTOR ADD-ON BIPOLAR STEPPER F1
UAG33N05RH Allied Electronics, Inc. JOHNSON ELECTRIC Not Provided Motor; Rotary Stepper; Bipolar; Centring 8mm, Mounting Plate with Long Holes

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  • Stepper Motor Theory
    in a net loss of torque. Bipolar Winding. The two phase stepping sequence described utilizes a “bipolar coil winding.” Each phase consists of a single winding. By reversing the current in the windings, electromagnetic polarity is reversed. The output stage of a typical two phase bipolar drive is further
  • Stepper Motor Reference Design
    of a stepper. motor may be expressed using an integer. The stepping The two common drive topologies for stepper motors. rate in steps per second is typically used to describe the are unipolar and bipolar. A unipolar drive uses four. angular velocity. transistors to drive the two phases of the stepper motor
  • Stepper Motor Microstepping with PIC18C452
    will be. opposite to coil B when the rotor takes the next step. (due to turning off coil C and turning on coil D). DS00822A-page 2.  2002 Microchip Technology Inc. AN822. UNIPOLAR AND BIPOLAR. AN ACTUAL PERMANENT MAGNET. (PM) STEPPER MOTOR. Two leads on each of the four coils of a stepper motor. can
  • Microstepping Tutorial
    A bipolar stepper motor has two windings. The current through each winding is varied in order to rotate the stepper motor. This article describes microstepping theory, three modes of operation (full stepping, half stepping, and wave stepping) and sources of error, and sources of failure
  • Stepper Motor Control Using the PIC16F684
    demonstrates how to drive a. The PIC16F684 has an ideal set of features for low-. 3.6 degree-per-step stepping motor. The motor used is. cost stepper motor control. High torque microstep-. a bipolar stepping motor rated to draw 1/2 amp at 12V. ping can be implemented using its ECCP module and. very few
  • Stepper Motor Control with dsPIC (R) DSCs
    This application note describes how to drive a stepper. motor with a dsPIC33F motor control family DSC. The eight PWM channels (six pins from the PWM1. module and two pins from the PWM2 module) are used. to control a stepper motor in all possible ways, whether. it is bipolar or unipolar, using full
  • Improving High-Speed Performance of Hybrid Stepper Motors
    Hampshire. ImprovIng. hIgh-speed. performance. of hybrId. stepper motors. Experts pretty much agree that motor current is proportional. to torque output, and voltage is proportional to motor speed,. but do you know when this is might not be true?. Bipolar drives supply stepper- is available to supply
  • Choosing a Power Supply for Your Stepper Drive
    nothing can be done about back EMF, we can give a path of low impedance by supplying enough output capacitance. Back EMF is a source of current that can push the output of a power supply beyond the maximum operating voltage of the driver and as a result could damage the stepper driver over time. Bipolar