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  • Medical Device Link .
    device manufacturers to develop new laser-based processes and turn the processes into turnkey production equipment. Past projects included surgical tool and device marking and texturing, dental drill-bit depth
  • Dynamic Range
    . This ratio also gives an indication of the number of digitization levels that might be appropriate for a given sensor. A sensor with a well depth of 35,000 electrons and with 15 electrons of read noise would yield a ratio of 35,000/15=2333. Unless there is a desire to resolve this noise with a 16 bit system
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    changes in regional positioning and could lead to some corporate consolidation. Standards for DDR-III start to take shape Future-generation DDR-III SDRAM surfaced here this week at the JEDEX chip conference, flaunting performance levels twice as good as DDR-II. Chinese startup aims 32-bit processor
  • Digitization
    than 14 bits. For applications requiring higher speed and less dynamic range (i.e. video), 8- to 12-bit digitization is common. The higher the digital resolution, the slower the system throughput. Well depth, readout noise, and system gain are factors in determining the appropriate digitization. See
  • SID - Society For Information Display
    6.4 in. to 82in. diagonal with 6-bit and 8-bit color depth, and single- and dual-channel LVDS supported. With the Auto-detect/Auto-configuration function, all analog RGB signals are automatically detected and optimally displayed on the LCD screen. The PRISMA II series includes the new board
  • Advanced Digital Technology Breaking Ground in Light Microscopy (.pdf)
    , 16-bit images from any angle without special mounting or hand-manipulation of samples, thus launching microscopy into the next generation.
  • MICRO: Defect/Yield
    integrated. Established processes are being pushed until the last bit of margin can be squeezed out of them. At the nanometer level, process tools are being forced to operate at the atomic scale. Metrology must be increasingly deployed in fabs to enable faster process development, help put
  • Computer Power User Article - Advanced Q & A Corner
    and memory timings. Wow, lots of questions here, eh Matt? And good ones, too, we might add. It s safe to say you have a good rig here and a bit more potential you could wring out of it. With respect to
  • MICRO: Techemergent
    of the latest roadmap. Recently, the technology's viability as a manufacturing tool for 90-nm devices as well was demonstrated by two firms. IBM built a critical level of a 64-bit power processor, while TSMC fabricated electrically functioning SRAM chips. Both companies maintain that the process yield

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