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XRD98L59AIG-F ASAP Semiconductor EXAR Not Provided 3V, 10-BIT, 20 MHZ CCD IMAGE DIGITIZER

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  • 12-Bit Dynamics: Applications in Machine Vision
    The once huge difference in speed or frame rate between digital 8 and 12-bit camera systems has now vanished due to continuous improvements in image sensor manufacturing and microprocessors. What is left is simply a certain price difference and the question of whether 12- bit camera systems can
  • Analysis of Visible Light Images
    is positioned with a lateral view into the chamber (Fig. 1) to collect high resolution 12-bit images of unfiltered plasma emission. Digitally stored images are used to establish shot-to-shot repeatability and resolve pinch velocities during reconnection. Images are processed with peak intensity fitting
  • Optical Bit Error Rate - Preface
    . threads brought together to a thin rope, is a relatively new technology that enables. bandwidth scalability to levels not possible before. The receiving end performs. the reverse function; it unravels the rope to its constituent colored threads. Each of these "threads " is modulated to bit rates up
  • Fast Camera Images of Flux Ropes During Plasma Relaxation
    collected from in situ probes that measure tempera-. successful in predicting equilibrium plasma states such as. ture, density, and magnetic field structure. The camera provides. spheromaks and reversed field pinches, can be rigorously. two 12-bit images, each with 1280. 1024 pixel resolution. Un
  • MICRO: Using molecular switches, HP claims nano-technology advance with 64-bit memory IC
    A BIT PLEASED: An HP research team surrounds a screen image showing test structures of its nanotechnology breakthrough. The team comprises Stan Williams (seated), Yong Chen (left), and Doug Ohlberg. Hewlett-Packard (HP) has claimed a major breakthrough in nanotechnology by demonstrating a 64-bit
  • Advanced CBR for Better Image Quality with Limited Bandwidth
    , and are frequently required to transmit high motion scenes. In this case, an average bit rate is specified, and the video system endeavors to maintain a fixed image quality by varying the rate at which image data is transmitted. Fig. 2: CBR vs. VBR. The CBR Myth. Since surveillance camera images
  • Five Critical Factors for Choosing Digital Image Capture Technology
    , but increased noise level can lead to reduced. dynamic range. Additional tricks of the trade can be employed when attempting to. obtain short exposure times of moving objects. In cases where a very 5. Bit Depth. short exposure time is required from a camera that does not have. Digital cameras produce
  • Advanced Digital Technology Breaking Ground in Light Microscopy (.pdf)
    , 16-bit images from any angle without special mounting or hand-manipulation of samples, thus launching microscopy into the next generation. The newly released VHX-1000 digital microscope is the first system that integrates the optical properties and functionality of stereoscopes, metallurgical

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  • Digital Image Processing
    As an example, applying the original his- togram algorithm to a 32- bit image would require screen space to display .
  • Intelligent Multimedia Data Hiding
    We can decompose an n- bit image into a set of n binary images by bit-slicing operations [1, 2].
  • Hierarchical stereo matching with image bit-plane slicing
    In addition to the applicability on 8- bit images (per channel), the proposed technique will also greatly benefit the stereo matching on the images with higher bits per pixel.1 In this paper, we are interested in the relationship between the data...
  • Digital image processing
    No specific storing format for binary images gives it in ImageJ, also the class BinaryProcessor uses 8- bits of image data.
  • Digital image processing
    No specific storing format for binary images gives it in ImageJ, also the class BinaryProcessor uses 8- bits of image data.
  • Information Hiding
    This is a common characteristic for many bit-wise tools as applied to 8- bit images .
  • Data Compression
    Experiments with FABD on discrete-tone images yield compression of between 0.04 bpp (for bi-level images) and 0.65 bpp (for 8- bit images ).
  • Principles of Digital Image Processing
    Drawbacks of the JPEG compression algorithm include its limitation to 8- bit images , its poor performance on non-photographic images such as line art (for which it was not designed), its handling of abrupt transitions within an image, and the striking artifacts...