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  • Timing and Synchronization in Broadcast Video (.pdf)
    Digitization of video signals has been common practice in broadcast video for many years. Early digital video was commonly encoded on a 10-bit parallel bus, but as higher processing speeds became practical, a serial form of the. digitized video signal called the Serial Digital Interface (SDI
  • TSL3301 with Microcontroller
    to the sensor; SDOUT, the serial data output from the sensor; and SCLK, the serial data clock. The protocol is isosynchronous. That is to say, even though a synchronous clock is used at the bit level to clock data into and out of the device, the data itself contains additional byte synchronization cues
  • KEELOQ Code Hopping Decoder Using Secure Learn
    part of the transmission, principally containing the encoder's serial number identifying it to a decoder. The hopping code contains function information, a discrimination value, and a synchronization counter. This information is encrypted by an encryption algorithm before being transmitted. A 64-bit
  • DVE RAPTOR: DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
    The DVE RAPTOR's DVR is an advanced 16-bit, high resolution, high frame rate, ruggedized video and data recorder. The Data and Video Recorder (DVR) provides real-time recording of high frame-rate 16-bit hi-resolution imagery, in ruggedized applications, or in the lab or other industrial setting
  • Servosystem switches cartons with ease and speed
    the carton flaps. Seven Bosch EcoDrive Cs drives and MSM compact ac servomotors synchronize, cam, and glue. A Sercos digital fiber-optic network provides a 32-bit command signal and diagnostic feedback from each ac servo in the system. Rather than a traditional PLC, the machine is controlled
  • Joel Orr: Let the Computer Do More of It!
    Convergence. My friend, futurist and consultant ), talks and writes a lot about it --and there is quite a bit to absorb. But you are seeing it all around you: Your cell phone is now a camera, a PDA (personal digital assistant) and possibly an MP3 player, as well as a voice recorder. Your PDA can
  • LIN 2.0 Compliant Driver Using the PIC16FXXX Family Microcontrollers
    AN1099 LIN 2.0 Compliant Driver Using the PIC16FXXX Family Microcontrollers LIN 2.0 CHANGES Authors: Thorsten Waclawcyzk Microchip Technology Inc. * Signal groups are replaced with byte arrays that support signal sizes up to eight bytes. Jin Xu * Automatic bit rate detection
  • Software Implementation of I²C Bus Master
    or multi-master system, some interface hardware is necessary (like START & STOP bit detection). In addition to the low level single master I 2 C routines, a collection of high level routines with various message structures is given. These high level macros/routines can be used as canned routines

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