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  • Using the Pylon Color Conversion API
    image data must be displayed on a screen or stored as a bitmap to a file, most of the available image formats must be converted into a format that the operating system can handle and display
  • Digital Printing Glossary of Terms
    . Bitmap File. The standard graphics format for Windows images. Usually carries the file extension .BMP. Bleed. Printing that goes to the edge of the sheet after trimming. BMP. A computer graphics format "Bitmap IBM format " not generally used in professional printing. Choke. When trapping color
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Bitmap files created using the FineScan system can be e-mailed to customers as stent design issues arise. Laserage has benefited from the system’s speed as well as the ease with which on-the-fly changeovers can be made. Being able to offer OEMs the capability of taking thousands of measurements
  • [Chapter 8] 8.5 An Acronym Processor<
    , with different awk implementations (see Chapter 11, A Flock of awks).Here is a sample awk script named bitmap.awk that shows how to load and output the elements of a multidimensional array. This array represents a two-dimensional bitmap that is 12 characters in width and height.BEGIN { FS
  • Medical Device Link . Mapping Human Anatomy from MRI Data for Improved Product Development
    graphics are bitmap (.BMP) and graphics interchange format (.GIF) for the PC, or picture (.PICT) and tagged image file format (.TIFF) for the Macintosh. Each graphic file is then imported into the conversion software, which draws a polyline along the edge of the anatomical structure of interest
  • Font HOWTO: Making Fonts Available To X
    Type1, TrueType and bitmap. Makes fonts available to remote displays. Greatly simplifies editing the fontpath -- you can do it via the command line utility chkfontpath, as opposed to having to edit configuration files. This not only makes life easier for users, it makes packaging more safer and more
  • Printing TrueType fonts in Unix
    . The contrib directory of the full distribution contains programs for conversion to the TeX pk format and the Adobe/X11 BDF format. Similar utilities for Your Favourite Bitmap Format should not be difficult to write. Use of GhostScript. Recent versions of GhostScript can use TrueType fonts, both
  • 3. The Easy Steps to Enlighten Your Desktop
    in the command line). This is how I have it configured. Figure 1. General KDE font configuration. So we basically choosed Trebuchet 12pt as the window title font, the bitmap font LucidaTypewriter 8pt for fixed size text, and Tahoma 8pt for everything else, which includes menus, buttons, etc. The 2 first should

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