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...high-temperature washing with acid or chelate solutions, and hydroblasting. Scale Deposits in Kraft Pulp Bleaching The goal of achieving system closure can be attained by closing up the bleach plant. Unfortunately, a "totally closed" bleached plant is difficult to achieve because of problems...

...ppm. The chloride concentration of the makeup caustic was 200 ppm. Figure 1. Base case simulation configurationThe bleach plant sequence (not shown) was D0EoDED and the brownstock Kappa number was set at 25. The first stage Kappa factor was 0.2 and the total ClO2 requirement was 3% on pulp... of wood resin and other non-process elements in system closure, it may be necessary to minimise the amount of wood resin introduced into the process, or send bleach plant filtrates back to the recovery system. It might be helpful to have points of wood resin removal in the process...

Acetic acid - Glacial. Glycerol. Acetic acid - 10%. Heptane. Ammonia - 88. Hydrochloric acid 10%. Ammonium Hydroxide - 10%. Hydrochloric acid conc. Ammonium Chloride - 10%. Hydrogen Peroxide. Aviation spirit. Isopropanol. Benzene. Iso-Octane. Benzoic acid. Kerosene. Bleach. Linseed oil. Brine...

...water. Aggressive Cleaning Procedures: C: Soak only the platinum element (not the reference junctions) for 1-2 hours in a 50:50 dilution of commercial chlorine bleach. NOTE: Make sure that the diaphragm (ceramic pin or open junction etc. ) is NOT in the chlorine bleach. Afterwards, rinse with fresh tap...

Calcium Acetate. Calcium Bisulfate. Calcium Bisulfide. Calcium Bisulfite Bleach Liquor. Calcium Carbonate. Calcium Chlorate. Calcium Chloride. Calcium Hydroxide. Calcium Hypochlorite 15%. Calcium Nitrate. Calcium Oxide. Calcium Sulfate. Calgon. Camphor. Cane Juice. Caprolactone. Carbitol. Carbolic Acid...

34. BHT. 37. BHT/Irganox Blend. 29. Bianosol. 29. Bicarbonate Enzyme. 42. Bicarbonate of Soda. 60. Bisphenol. 37. Bleach Compound. 60. Blowing Agent. 25. Bone (Ground). 40. Borax (Granular). 60. Borax (Puffed). 12. Boric Acid. 55. Boron Fluoride Complex. 40. Brake Lining Compound. 25-30. Bran. 35...

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