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    High-performance cleaning equipment is suitable for parts with complex geometries, as it produces enough power to penetrate blind holes and hidden areas. Processing takes place within a controlled environment to help prevent recontamination. The units offer full automation and can clean metal
  • Selecting the Correct Knob
    slippery to handle. Shown here is our DIN 319-ST metric size steel ball knob, available in tapped or blind bore types. T-handle knobs: The design of these knobs gives them strong control, in both in-and-out operations and rotating ones. Likewise, they can achieve strong clamping force. If your
  • Scale deposit problems
    kiln scrubber can experience scaling usually in cases where there is low pH and low solids. Build up of scale occurs on the underside of venetian blind plates and inside pipes. Fresh water, introduced in the scrubber inlet duct, combines with the SO2 in the gas to form sulfurous acid which then mixes
  • Pulp and Paper: Improve Employee Health with Dust Control (Part 1)
    to filter more efficiently. The larger the filter, the more space there is to trap particles that would otherwise clog or “blind” the filter, reducing suction and performance. Options like an automatic filter cleaning system can also reduce down time by purging the filter of caked on dust and debris
  • Avoiding Plating Headaches
    blind holes back with salts or rust in them, your plater is not taking the proper care to avoid this situation. Crimped or folded over edges can entrap cleaning and plating solutions, causing staining, salts or rust leakage. If possible, leave a small gap so our extra special rinsing can penetrate
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    and rotation, a configurable multistage washer cleans parts using immersion sprays and eductor-induced turbulence. With wash, rinse, and blow-off stages, the Model-750 cleaning system by ADF Systems Ltd. is suited for parts with blind or internal holes, cavities, threads, or the tendency to nest
  • Medical Device Link .
    of existing equipment. Standard and custom configurations can be supplied. Tiny hone enables machine to produce very fine part finishes. A fully automated high-precision production honing system employs a micrometric expanding blind-bore hone that the manufacturer says is the world 's smallest
  • Medical Device Link .
    , and high spatial precision, excimer-laser processing can be used to micromachine virtually any shape or pattern. For plastic medical devices, typical tasks include drilling through-holes or blind holes, stripping insulation from wires or braided structures, cutting intricate patterns, and performing

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