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  • Bolts-Image
    Bolts - (1320 companies)
    A bolt is a type of threaded hardware fastener that is used to position two workpieces in specific relation to each other. A bolt is specifically designed to be used with a mating, internally threaded hole or nut, which will maintain the bolt's...
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  • Bearing Pullers and Tools-Image
    Bearing Pullers and Tools - (59 companies)
    ...pullers and tools are designed for use with blind holes that are reamed, drilled, or milled to a specific depth but not completely drilled-through. They are also suitable for applications in which a puller cannot be inserted underneath the bearing...
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    Hole Saws - (46 companies)
    Hole saws, also referred to as hole cutters, are saw blades with a circular cutting profile. Hole saws are used in a drill and cut out a hole without cutting up the core material. Hole saws often has a centering drill for hole placement. Hole saws...
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  • Bearing Rings, Housings, and Flanges-Image
    Bearing Rings, Housings, and Flanges - (68 companies)
    Bearing housings - Choices include hanger bearing, bracket or offset, and pillow or plummer block. Image Credit: SDSP/SI. Bearing flanges - Some have 2, 3 or 4 mounting holes for bolts and are round, square, triangular, or diamond-shaped. Image Credit...
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  • Bearing Isolators-Image
    Bearing Isolators - (52 companies)
    Bearing isolators are dynamic seals designed to protect bearings from outside contaminants. They are comprised of a rotor (rotating) and stator (stationary) member. Some bearing isolators are of labyrinth construction while others use O-rings...
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    Bearing Retainers and Cages - (18 companies)
    Bearing retainers or bearing cages are used in rotary and linear bearings to separate and maintain a specified distance between rolling elements, whether they are balls, needle rollers, or rollers. How to Select Bearing Retainers and Cages. Images...
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    Bearing Rollers - (18 companies)
    Bearing rollers are the functional components of friction-reducing roller bearings. Common types of bearing rollers are tapered rollers, cylindrical rollers, spherical rollers, needle rollers, cam follower rollers, and rollers for crossed roller...
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    Bearing Repair Services - (46 companies)
    Bearing repair services refurbish bearings to original specifications, which can be a cost effective solution for expensive bearings. Bearing repair services refurbish the large, custom bearings that are used in heavy industries such as mining...
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    Linear Bearing Rails - (219 companies)
    Linear guides and rails provide a smooth, precision, guiding surface on which the rolling element of a linear bearing rides. Linear bearing rails provide a smooth, precision, guiding surface on which the rolling element of a linear bearing rides...
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    Flange Mounted Bearings - (267 companies)
    Flange mounted bearings are used when a shaft axis is perpendicular to the bearing mounting surface. They are available in 2, 3, or 4-hole configurations. How to Select Flange Mounted Bearings. Flange Unit: 4-Blot. Mounted Ball Bearing: 2-Bolt...
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  • Puller/Separator Sets - Pullers and Separators - Grainger Industrial Supply
    … Spread (In.) Various, Various, Puller Length (In.) Various, Various Screw Size, Features Removing Gears, Bearings, Shafts, Pinions, Bearing Outer Races , and other Tightly Fitted … … For Use With Jaw Pullers , Sizes Included Various, Includes Push Puller, Jaw Pullers, Bearing Pulling Attachments, Specialized Pullers … • Blind Hole Bearing Puller, NonrvrsblBlind Hole Bearing Puller,Nonrvrsbl .
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  • Standard Handbook of Plant Engineering, Third Edition > MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT: ROLLING ELEMENT BEARINGS
    If blind holes are used, insert a magnetic rod to remove metal chips that might have become lodged during fabrication. Shaft shoulders and spacer rings contacting the bearing should be square with the shaft axis. … from any localized high-heat source that may raise its temperature excessively, resulting in race hardness reduction. Bearing pullers of various types and designs are available from several manufacturers.
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