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Parts by Number for Blocking Diode Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
475E94A PLC Radwell Ross Not Provided BLOCKING DIODE ASSY
IXBOD1-42R Perfect Parts Corporation IXYS CORP Breakover Diode 4200 V, RVS BLOCKING BOD
IXBOD1-12RD Perfect Parts Corporation IXYS CORP Breakover Diode 1200 V, RVS BLOCKING BOD
IXBOD1-10 Perfect Parts Corporation IXYS CORP Breakover Diode 1000 V, RVS BLOCKING BOD
CDL4U(E)SD/24 Altech Corp. Altech Corporation Teminal Blocks Suppressor Diode Block
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  • Diode Thermal Analysis
    -. sideration is necessary. The deceptive difference, in high voltage application. recovery losses, is primarily a result of the high voltage bias, as applied while the. diode is recovering from forward bias to a blocking mode. The problem pre-. sented can be addressed by: a). decreasing the forward voltage. b
  • Reverse Battery Protection Using PPTC Devices
    (rectifying) diode (Fig 1). The blocking diode serves as a simple solution by prohibiting current from flowing in the reverse direction. The fundamental disadvantage of using a series blocking diode is the inherent voltage loss (0.7 - 1.0V), resulting in a lower available voltage to operate
  • Using Low Resistance MOSFETs as Load Switches
    a resistor and therefore Ohms law applies; when turned off, the MOSFET appears as a diode and as such blocks current in one direction with a very high resistance (if reverse protection is required, an additional MOSFET or blocking diode is required). P-channel MOSFETs are normally used
  • Littelfuse Varistors - Basic Properties, Terminology and Theory (.pdf)
    characteristics. These boundaries are responsible for blocking conduction at low voltages and are the source of the nonlinear electrical conduction at higher voltages. an9767. Littelfuse Varistors - Basic Properties,. Terminology and Theory. Application Note. July 1999. AN9767.1. What Is A Littelfuse Varistor
  • Designing a Base Station Coil for the HCS410
    the capacitor from ground. age drop across the blocking diode D1 and filter resistor. The magnetic field produced by a coil is directly propor-. R17. tional to coil current. The base station coil (L1) forms. The total RLC circuit resistance RTOTAL is fixed by the. part of a series RLC circuit that resonates
  • Designing a Reliable Industrial Ethernet Network (.pdf)
    . These. applications require a battery backup configuration using one 24VDC power supply and. one 12VDC battery with battery charger connected. The power supply will provide. current through the blocking diodes during normal operation. The battery wil supply. current to the switch whenever the voltage from
  • Rectifier Assemblies - Analysis and Design
    Waveshape. ELECTRICAL. Another potentially significant source of heat. 12. generation in an assembly is caused by. reverse recovery losses. Reverse current. reverse working voltage. flowing through the diode during its transition. (V. ). RWM. from forward conduction to reverse blocking. forward voltage
  • Using the MCP1631 Family to Develop Low-Cost Battery Chargers
    the battery voltage a. SEPIC can buck or boost the input voltage. components and a safer battery charger. SEPIC Converter. Capacitive Isolation. Coupled Inductor. C. Blocking Diode. C. +12V Input. +Vbatt. CIN. 1. 1. COUT. ISENSE. Switch. Batteries. VEXT. CS. Input Current. RLIMIT. FIGURE 3: SEPIC Topology

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