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    Mold Repair Services - (57 companies)
    Mold repair services rebuild and refurbish molds to original specifications. Mold repair services include welding, grinding, burning, and polishing. Mold repair services can make new parts, inserts, or quote entirely new molds. Mold repair services... Learn More
  • Machine Redesign and Rebuild Services-Image
    Machine Redesign and Rebuild Services - (847 companies)
    Machine redesign and machine rebuild services redesign and rebuild machines. Machine redesign and machine rebuild services are used to enhance machinery capabilities and improve machinery productivity. There are several types of machine redesign... Learn More
  • Air Blow Guns-Image
    Air Blow Guns - (145 companies)
    Air Blow Guns Information. Air blow guns attach to air lines for the manual actuation and/or control of air discharge. They are used primarily for debris removal and purging, non-contact part cleaning and drying, and general laboratory or industrial... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Mold Making Services-Image
    Mold Making Services - (1775 companies)
    Mold making services design and build tooling and patterns for a variety of molding processes, including investment casting, permanent mold casting, sand casting, die casting, lost foam casting, powder metal, die forging, injection molding, blow... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Plastic Mold Equipment Design and Fabrication-Image
    Plastic Mold Equipment Design and Fabrication - (76 companies)
    Plastic Mold Equipment Design and Fabrication Information. Plastic mold equipment design and plastic mold equipment fabrication services specialize in the design and fabrication of machinery used to create plastic molds, barrels or cylinders, liners... Learn More
  • Mold and Die Change Equipment - (56 companies)
    Die change equipment and mold change equipment is used to quickly remove or change molds and/or dies. This equipment includes all aspects related to the transportation, alignment and changing of a die or mold. Mold change equipment and die change... Learn More
  • Mold Bases and Mold Plates - (56 companies)
    Mold bases and mold plates are used to support molds and tooling in injection molding, compression molding and resin transfer molding (RTM) processes. Mold bases are built on multi-axis CNC machining centers and are made of metals such as aluminum... Learn More
  • Mold Releases and Release Agents - (255 companies)
    ...on molds and provide an inert release film. Selecting a mold release or mold release agent requires an analysis of mold materials and mold-making techniques. Mold releases and release agents can be used with molds that are made of plaster, rubber... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Pipettes and Tips - (274 companies)
    Pipettes and tips are used to deliver a known quantity of solution to a vessel. They are either of the classical style (glass) or digital. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Valve Repair Services - (176 companies)
    Valve Repair Services. Leak repair. NDE testing. Valve repair. Image Credit: TEAM industries | Siemens. Valve repair services repair and rebuild used valves. Some repair services specialize in the repair and rebuilding of many different types... Learn More
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...and loss. Typical Products Created by Thermoforming. Example Pneumatic Circuit. As seen below, large 2-1/2” valves are used on both the main blow and the main vacuum in an effort to reduce. cycle time as much as possible. The valves currently available have a maximum Cv rating of 68. The Dale CP. S...

...especially for Class II and Class III devices. The conventional product develop-ment process of design-build-test-rebuild typically involves several trial-and-error-based iterations of a concept prior to full-scale production. These iterations are costly and tax resources, especially since rework...

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  • Study of Trapped Material in Rapid Prototyping Parts
    It was built by Joel McClurkin of Georgia Institute of Technology, who was involved in a project to determine the feasibility of using blow moulds created with SLA for moulding concept bottles for a soft drinks company . In an attempt to avoid this problem, he rebuilt the same part using different sweep parameters, but...
  • A new generation of Bimetallic Tubes (BT) with wear-resistant layer placed inside
    - Working parts of extruders, blow - moulding machines, machines in plastic performance industry The end-users are: the companies manufacturing equipment for plastic performance industry, machinery industry, rebuilding and repairing companies.
  • Butadiene
    Following an explosion in 2000 and plant rebuild in 2002, the facility at Pasadena, TX is capable... K-Resin® may be injection molded into medical devices, display containers, toy parts and office articles. The resin can also be blow molded into water bottles or thermoformed from extruded sheet into packaging... Several U.S. companies produce specialty polybutadiene polymers that have functionalities or skeletal structures that are different...
  • Emerging technologies for iron and steelmaking
    Thecurrentexpectedlifetimeof newly rebuilt furnaces is 20 years or greater. ...has been almost completely replaced worldwide by various top, bot- tom, or combination blown ba- sic oxygen... The increases in productivity and yield associated with continuous casting have had a dramatic ous-caster mold and developing steel shell, refractory interactions, and mold flux design... ...castingprocesses.InNorthAmerica,this knowledgebasewasdevelopedthrough the research efforts of individual steel companies and through significant con...
  • Thermoforming - Valves Reduce Cycle Time & Energy Consumption (.pdf)
    ...this example, a Dale CP 2-station manifold would be used for the blow form and blow... There are several companies that use various valves such as butterfly valves, shuttle valves and spool valves.  Compact Manifold Design – Eliminating piping allows mounting closer to the mold .  Reduced Downtime – Poppet cartridge design allows rebuilds to be completed in minutes.
  • Driven by wire come, and the fact that engineers such as Harty are helping to mould it is encouraging... For companies such as Prodrive, expertise in developing cutting-edge technology for racing and rally cars transfers... ...with wonder an incident when Solberg's car crashed, was badly damaged but was rebuilt against the odds... But instead of thinking 'that's blown it, never mind' they put their minds to it, found a...
  • Foundry Settles with OSHA, Agrees to Pay Fine and Correct Hazards
    ...identified in the inspection; institute a comprehensive safety and health program, with management accountability, for all aspects of its operations at all it Massachusetts facilities; utilize state-of-the-art equipment and systems in rebuilding its Shell Mold department; and issue a... ...only prevent another catastrophic event, but also provide a safer, healthier work environment for all company workers. ...combustible dust, causing a catastrophic dust explosion that lifted the building's roof and blew out its walls.
  • Heat treating newsline … items of interest to JHT readers
    In addition, oxidized metal blown from the spray can create dust and fumes. Among the potential applications for Air Products' technology are coatings for electrical components, corrosion protection, thermal barrier coatings, the rebuilding and repair of machine parts, and mold spraying. In return for assistance, companies receiving funding will pro- vide nonproprietary technical, economic, and performance data that...
  • Popular Products In Automotive Tools - Big Bruin
    SK 424702 - Sockets 42470-2 4 Pieces Ratchet Rebuild Kit Huge selection to choose from. Housed in a blow - molded plastic storage case. • Eklind Tool Tool Company Hex Keys 9" Cushion Grip T Handle Hex Key 2 mm .
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    ...v 0000 02 + 08 00 + 11 00 | get off the ground; "Who started this company ?" ...00 | construct by fitting or uniting parts together 01236425 36 v 02 rebuild 0 reconstruct 0... ...barrels and casks 01238804 36 v 06 shape 0 form 0 work c mold 1 mould 1... ...v 0000 02 + 08 00 + 11 00 | produce by ignition or a blow ; "strike fire from...