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  • CASE STUDY - 360 Degree Drying
    Halo will effectively dry smaller kegs running on the same line. Paxton air nozzles have enough thrust to dry a target up to 18 inches away from the nozzle. The Air Halo was coupled with an AT-1200 high efficiency blower, that uses 80% less energy than a compressed air drying system. The system
  • Compressed Air Versus Blowers -The Real Truth
    when the item is there to be dried. A blower-. operated system on the other hand, is constantly running. If the requirement for drying is. Intermittent, it may actually use more energy than a compressed air system. The blower systems are. typically constant running systems. Also, there is a lower
  • Heat of Compression Dryers Operating Cost: Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch
    means of air drying. An air compressor generates heat.  This heat is normally lost when the compressed air stream is cooled after the compressor.  The quest of an HOC dryer is to utilize this wasted heat for desiccant bed regeneration and thereby eliminate the use of an external blower and/or heater
  • Combined Mechanical Filtration and Thermal Dehydration with a Filter Press (.pdf)
    Utilizing the latest technology in the solid/liquid filtration industry, the KLINKAU TCD-System (TCD-Thermal Cake Drying) combines mechanical filtration and thermal dehydration in a single process with a horizontal filter press. Dry matter contents of more than 99% can be achieved in a timely
  • Field Reports: A Breath of Fresh Air (.pdf)
    When International Ingredient Corp.'s drying plant in Monroe,WI, opened in 1994, it was the first plant designed specifically for large-scale drum drying of dairy products for the feed industry. At that time, its only neighbor was a cheese producer. International Ingredient used a land spread
  • Baked Goods Plant Realizes 60% Energy Savings
    to the difficulty involved in. access and maintenance. Faced with this dilemma of an inadequate. blower which caused a line bottleneck while. sending energy costs soaring, the bakery. company sought a better solution for their. drying needs. They contacted Paul Eckert,. president of Eckert Machines
  • Perfect Date Coding with 80% Less Energy Usage
    . That means payback on the new. system in less than six months. ./e7fa2ebe-6782-4b7f-944f-766c06254b5d Perfect Date Coding with 80% Less Energy Usage. A leading U.S. cola bottler. replaces a compressed air. drying system with a high. efficiency centrifugal blower. system. Installation of a new drying
  • Case Study - Activating Adhesives on Decorative Trims
    offers complete systems. Please contact us to discuss your application. Page Tools Download PDFs. Read FAQs. Read Case Studies. Print This Page. In This Section... Introduction. Body Moulding Oven. Drying of Water-based Coatings. Plastics Heat Staking and Welding. Curing of Metals. Processing

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