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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MB-30-DY Global Industrial Tpi Industrial Not Provided Tpi 30 Portable Mini Blower Fan Direct Drive - Yoke Mount Mb-30-Dy 1/4 Hp 7,800 Cfm
MB-24-DY Global Industrial Tpi Industrial Not Provided Tpi 24 Portable Mini Blower Fan Direct Drive - Yoke Mount Mb-24-Dy 1/4 Hp 6,800 Cfm
MBMBM-W Global Industrial Tpi Industrial Not Provided Tpi Optional Wall Ceiling Mount Bracket For Yoke Mount Mini-Blower Fans Mbmbm-W
HRS-83BA-THT Global Industrial Metropolitan Vacuum Not Provided Vac 'N, Blo ® Wall Mount Garage Vacuum Blower With Turbo Hand Tool
G3G140-AW21-12 Allied Electronics, Inc. EBM PAPST INC Not Provided AC Blower Ball Bearing 115V 1A 70W 50Hz/60Hz 2370RPM 180.7CFM 55dB Flange Mount
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  • New Generation of Premix Gas Blowers (.pdf)
    . voltage input from DC controls, and an. inlet flange to accept specialty gas. valves. In the new millennium, increased. energy and environmental demands will. be placed on appliance and combustion. engineers. Premix gas blower. technology will be a solution to meet. these demands. CONCEPT
  • Pressure Transmitters Increasing Efficiency and Safety
    housings must be available. With a typical dust collection system, a pressure sensor (Photohelic, DHII) can measure differential pressure across filter bags, which sends a switched signal to a timer board (DCT500/1000) to signal a filter cleaning. Pressure in the system is created by a blower, typically
  • Field Applications: Keeping Your Enclosure Cool
    interior offers an unrestricted. pendicular to the blower axis. They are suitable. airflow path. The user must insure that the cab-. for moderate to high airflow against high back-. inet has sufficient venting at both the top and. pressure. A combination of a blower and an. bottom to promote airflow
  • Air Velocity Temperature Measurment All-in-One (.pdf)
    measurements. Also, the dusty or oil-laden. (15') power/output cable is provided. Signals are. air found in some blower or compressor systems can. provided for air velocity, temperature, high alarm. cause coating of the sensor and lead to inaccurate. condition, and low alarm condition. The air velocity
  • The Benchtop Wind Tunnel (.pdf)
    and is where the test conditions. exist and the measurements can be made. All the other elements of the wind tunnel are devoted to. producing the controlled air flow needed for the test chamber. These include the fan or blower section. to move the air, a combination of honeycombs, vanes, filters
  • Applying Taguchi Designs to EMMAQUA Weathering Experiments
    throughout the day keeping the reflected solar image on the target. A blower forces air across the target to cool test specimens. The optical system is often described as a Fresnel reflecting solar concentrator with mirrors positioned as tangents to an imaginary parabolic trough. The test specimen's
  • Torque Sensors: An Overview of their Design and Application (.pdf)
    , in. configurations including keyed shaft and flange. Rotary Torque Sensors. Typical rotary torque sensor applications are listed below. • Chassis Dynamometer. • Engine Dynamometer. • Efficiency Testing. • Clutch Testing. • Blower or Fan Testing. • Small Motor / Pump Testing. PCB LOAD & TORQUE, INC. 24350 Indoplex
  • Dirt Control In Statically Charged Environments
    the dry wiping itself will build up static charge. Usually an ionized blower will suffice. Some fine dirt may be. removed by using vacuum systems. Plastic Containers or Hollow Parts and Bottle Cleaning. Plastic containers or hollow plastic parts that are either blow molded or injection molded

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