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Parts by Number for Blue Chips Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
K6006L Digi-Key Switchcraft Inc. Boxes, Enclosures, Racks COLOR CHIPS MMVP BLUE
84-8511.6320 Allied Electronics, Inc. EAO SWITCH Not Provided SWITCH UNIT /12VOLT/SINGLE CHIP QC-SOLDER TERMINALS/BLUE
10-2509.1146 Allied Electronics, Inc. EAO SWITCH Not Provided Lamp; Accessory; Single-Chip LED; 12VAC/DC; 15MA; Blue
5862705205F Dialight Corp. Not Provided T-3 1/4 Mini-Screw (E10) Blue Single Chip Based LED, T 3 1/4 Mini Screw (E10)
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  • Heat Sinking Relative to Alumina Chips and Aluminum Nitride Chips
    . to 14W if its baseplate is kept at or below 100°C. All of these numbers, incidentally,. can be derived from Figure 2, by looking specifically at the 2512 curve (light blue. line, third from the top). At about 100°C baseplate temperature, an ALN chip will. handle just
  • Medical Device Link . DNA-chip technologies
    Amplionc array chip cohybridized with human reference DNA (red) and brain tumor DNA (green), with a blue counterstain. Computed ratio of green/red oncogene targets from a Vysis array, indicating amplification of oncogenes EGFR, MDM2, and CDK4. Controls are on right end of graph. Photo
  • Tackle Product and Brand Counterfeiting using System Driven by Advanced Automation (.pdf)
    Part funded by the UK Government's Technology Strategy Board, the SecureTrace consortium, comprising some very well known blue-chip companies and academic institutions, had an aim to create a technology demonstrator of a world-class authentication and track-and-trace solution - designed specically
  • Wired 8.04: Instant Access Memory
    meets Parkin notes his affinity for humming, a kind of continual soundtrack to the operation of his mind. For the past decade, the 44-year-old British-born physicist has been Big Blue's chief innovator for magnetic storage research. In the early 1990s, Parkin developed a new type of read/write device
  • Wired 8.09: Bright Switch
    shade of blue. The color is so vibrant - so intense - it shines like a floodlight. A moment later, the butterfly flaps its wings, changing their angle, and the radiance vanishes as if someone flipped a switch: The wings' true color is revealed as a dull, muddy brown. This strange transformation occurs
  • MetalsWatch: Climbing Out of the Production Hole
    , the Blue Chip consensus anticipates a 3.1% expansion in gross domestic product followed by 3% growth in 2011. U.S. industrial production continued in February even though the growth rate was held back by severe winter storms that slammed parts of the country. Federal Reserve report showed that industrial
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    Forum sets course for blue-laser DVD standard The DVD Forum will use the 0.6-mm bonded disk proposed by NEC Corp. and Toshiba Corp. as the basis of its next-generation DVD standard utilizing a blue laser. STMicro shows dual-function DNA analysis chip STMicroelectronics demonstrated a dual-function
  • The Good Old Power Resistors
    Perhaps your early electronics experience was with communications equipment when vacuum tubes were king. Tubes had personality. They emitted a warm glow from their filaments and cherry-red anodes, and mercury-vapor rectifiers added a blue tint to the drab gray and black equipment. The gentle hum
  • Medical Device Link .
    Laser Processing Equipment and Services Contract UV laser micromachining services for a variety of applications range from semiconductor wafer processing to biomedical and blue LED scribing. The company�s core capabilities include expertise in processing materials at UV wave-lengths of 355
  • Wired 8.04: Instant Access Memory
    As Parkin tells it, IBM was searching for a way to revive its data storage business, a market Big Blue had dominated for 10 years after inventing the first commercial hard drive in 1956. Almaden researchers were interested in structures made of thin layers of magnetic materials, believing