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  • 3D Printer Dimensional Accuracy Benchmark
    in. different for each part, indicates the range of. The Dimension SST did show an interesting. dimensional error. Green areas are nearest to the. difference in minimum/maximum error for the. nominal dimension, while yellow/red shows the. base and cap. The base had the biggest maximum. highs and cyan/blue shows
  • New Blue Falcon Screen Printing System Utilizes Innovative CD (R) Coupling to Handle 2,000 In/Lb Torque Loads
    . Most notable is Progressive Machine of Greenville, South Carolina which has made a quantum leap with new technology designed into its Blue Falcon screen printers. Available in several formats, these systems start with an 10 color 12 station model and range up to the largest, a 20 color 22 station
  • Medical Device Link . Laser Marking Medical Devices and Packaging
    YAG laser writing on blue POM (acetal copolymer, BASF Ultraform B2320). The YAG laser writing system offers many variables that can be adjusted to affect the color, contrast, depth, and appearance of the mark. Laser variables such as pulse energy (dot size), pulse length, peak power, and pulse
  • An Unexpectedly Bright Idea
    to 780 nanometers in the case of CDs). This shorter wavelength allows smaller bumps and pits to be distinguished, which means more of them, and hence more data, can fit on the disc. The next generation of optical drives will be based on blue lasers (with a wavelength of 405 nanometers), providing
  • Tackle Product and Brand Counterfeiting using System Driven by Advanced Automation (.pdf)
    Part funded by the UK Government's Technology Strategy Board, the SecureTrace consortium, comprising some very well known blue-chip companies and academic institutions, had an aim to create a technology demonstrator of a world-class authentication and track-and-trace solution - designed specically
  • Medical Device Link .
    DEVICE COMPANIES with efficient management of GMP and other equipment calibration requirements, Blue Mountain Quality Resources (State College, PA) introduced Calibration Manager software for Windows. The system can help companies discover calibration problems early and prevent the use of uncalibrated
  • Medical Device Link . Showstoppers
    blue-green tint, allowing medical parts to be sent directly to market. At MD &M West 99, business manager Steve Magaziner underscored that "CG-97 has been in development for three years and was designed exclusively for use in the medical industry." Magaziner also emphasizes the material's
  • Medical Device Link .
    standard 14971.2. An interesting approach to simplifying user interactions is the bold color-coding scheme used with Konelab analyzers from Thermo Clinical Labsystems (Vantaa, Finland). Subsystems for sample handling are colored red, for reagents yellow, and for consumables blue. All handles and latches

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