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  • Research of Indoor Local Positioning Based on Bluetooth Technology
    Optimized for mobile terminals, the BlueLink 5.0 platform from Texas Instruments (TI) is a highly integrated, digital CMOS, single- chip solution supporting Bluetooth & reg ; Specification v2.0 and all software needed for Bluetooth operation.
  • Digital hardware / software-systems
    Bluetooth , infrared, WLAN etc.) or timer-modules etc. ...and data storage can are realized in the most cases also on the chip through reconfigurable ramming... Reg -" Architekturen.ASIPs are usually so "-called .
  • Energy management through building automation
    ...276, 283, 365, 398, 485, 515, 526 binary sensor 26 reactive power 829 Bluetooth 15 flower garden... ...47, 51, 52, 64, 70, 734, 801 data read out DALI 3 data- chips 15 data acquisition... ...effort 202 reduction - the energy consumption 11 - of fire loads 47 Reedkontakt 849 REG 275, 306 control...
  • Intelligent objects
    Also Smart Reg ion for production and trade places could through the control and offer the coordination... This allows itself as follows, to interpret: On the one hand, a chip becomes, by unchanged transistor... The internet access via WLAN or standard, as well as Bluetooth for the communication between devices are...
  • Embedded Linux
    // command: access config reg ...resistant method of construction in the stainless-steel-button form offers the great advantages against chip cards. ...also for embedded systems or cameras to bind or the system to extend Bluetooth or audio by...
  • Internetworking
    1998, five firms of Ericsson Intel, IBM, based Nokia and Toshiba the Bluetooth consortium with the target to develop the inexpensive in- chip -solutions for the wireless network communication in the vicinity. • For gain of optical signals along serve of SDH- transmission distances so-called regenerators ( REG ).
  • Mikrocontroller and microprocessors written the upright add-command during the WB phase in the universal register Reg before it. A variant the Sprungzieladress-cache was spread in elderly processors without On- chip -cache: The so-called... .../-A interfaces of that some are specifically optimized for wireless communication technologies like infrared and Bluetooth .
  • Technical information technology 2
    set Reg -nr. System on chip continuation on the nearest side Bit cells 262 Arbitrierung Decentralized to point of view classes 356 Bluetooth 230 booting managers 287 boat...
  • Manual of the Mess- and automation technique in the automobile
    ...Buchverlag,Würzburg 2.36 Gaupp W, Wobben D safety belange of (2001) active driving dynamics reg lungs. ...the input region and digital-analog-converters are already integrated on the microprocessor- chip into the output... ...over standardized bus protocols with drahtgebundenen bus systems like IEEE1394 or wireless concepts like Bluetooth are vital.
  • Identity theft and identity abuse on the internet
    Federal Bureau of of Investigation (USA) Fed. Reg . • Chipkarte: A personalized chip card is issued after conclusion of a contract to customers. The Cabir worm spread via Bluetooth interface and was programmed so that each infected, sought the apparatus...
  • Basic course Mobile communication system
    RANAP: RAB Assignment Reg. The maxlmale Ubertragungsrate of about 700 kbit/s of the first version of Bluetooth (see chapter 5) suffice... A bit becomes iibertragen thereby not directly, instead, iibertragen become 11 chips .
  • Process chain precision schmieden
    ...of workshop technique online 97:11 [Den07j] Denkena B, Immel J (2007) Wireless Bluetooth data transmission Environment... CCD chip It reg ersig nal .
  • Development of Embedded systems
    ...o g i c _ v e c t o r (3 downto 0)); 8 end reg ; The advantages in comparison advantages with a multi- chip -solution are: the more favorable price, the energy... ...the focus on lesser and simple applications like AD-/-HERE conversion or Bluetooth or WLAN interfaces.