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  • Micro moves
    Motors that can precisely position loads with micrometer-scale accuracy are now inexpensive enough for consumer electronics. The Squiggle motor can power tiny movable lens assemblies for auto focus and optical zoom in cell-phone cameras. Here, the motor must be integrated with a lens
  • Manipulating Distortion Out of Your Image
    between the lens and the camera, the horizontal field of view is reduced to 50mm at a 50mm working distance. A high resolution monochrome board camera offers the appropriate resolution and size. The illumination is provided by a fiber optic illuminator with a dual branch flexible light guide. Due
  • Color systems see what grayscales miss
    Color sensors in packaging applications let motion-control systems do a lot more than B &W cameras Applied Engineering Manager DVT Corp. Recent color-vision sensors from DVT include model 542C and 544C, both with integrated LED lighting and lens mounting. The sensors are 12% smaller than previous
  • Off-The-Shelf Integration
    lens mounts, achromats, red dichroic filter, C-Mount iris, monochromatic camera, line generator laser, capture board and software. The depth of field requirements are unknown. For this reason, the lens should incorporate a manual iris. The object resolution needed is also uncertain; providing
  • Contrast Enhancement Through Filtering
    down a trough-like conveyor belt prior to sorting. A minimum of 60% contrast is needed for the software to be able to differentiate between the different pills. From the lens selection guide,the 35mm MVO (R) Double Gauss imaging lens, used with a 1/2" CCD format camera, yields an appropriate field
  • Smart Computing Article - fill to Fireworks
    Film recorders produce high-resolution slides and prints. A film recorder re-creates images with the use of a built-in CRT. Next, the light passes through a color filter wheel. A lens focuses the images and directs the light on to 35mm camera negative film or slide film. A film recorder, sometimes
  • Medical Device Link .
    programming to track the stent as the camera moves along. Even the best optics typically have a trade-off. Either the image is highly focused and detailed using a close-range lens, or the image is from a wide-view lens that offers more visual area with less-precise detail. This issue has made
  • Using Power Resistors as Heaters
    . They are especially useful in situations where the heat must be isolated or concentrated in a small area. For example, Riedon power resistors are used to eliminate condensation on outdoor security camera installations. Heat from the resistor keeps the lens temperature above the dew point

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