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Parts by Number for Board To Wire Connectors Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
104188-0110 Heilind Electronics, Inc. MOLEX Connectors Lite-Trap SMT Wire-to-Board Conn, Push-Button Type, 1P
58423-1200 Heilind Electronics, Inc. MOLEX Connectors 1.00mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Shielded Plug Kit
ED790/7 Digi-Key On Shore Technology Inc Connectors, Interconnects TERMINAL BLOCK 5MM 2ROW 7POS PCB
0395443004 Digi-Key Molex Inc Connectors, Interconnects CONN TERMINAL BLOCK 4POS 5.08MM
39357-0010 Digi-Key Molex Connector Corporation Connectors, Interconnects CONN TERMINAL BLOCK 10POS 3.5MM
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Conduct Research Top

  • Quadsplitter Connectors
    or coaxial transmission lines. In both cases, the line geometry is the determining factor along with dielectric and conductor materials. Steps, bends, protrusions and so on will invariably cause reflections with subsequent loss of transmission efficiency. In two-wire differential-mode transmissions
  • Harness Board Fixturing Using Easy-Wire Components
    Harness Boards Constructed with Easy-Wire Components. Cable Testers and Harness Testers Made Easy!. Cable Testing Products Support Information Center About Us Contact Us. 1-800-441-9910. Harness Board Fixturing Made Easy with easy-wire Components. Picture. When to Use
  • Understanding 2-Wire and 4-Wire Resistance Measurements
    hard you hold your lest leads to the wire ends. This variation in resistance comes from the point of contact between the DUT and the fixturing. This resistance variation from measurement to measurement can add significantly to a learned resistance and will get worse as the mating connectors wear
  • High Speed Data Port Connector Assembly (.pdf)
    fluid, allowing them to take advantage of the "Design For Assembly" expertise that was available. The new connector needed to be assembled at high speed, and with great precision. Contact wire forming and positioning within the housing was absolutely critical to the functionality of the product
  • Developing a New Synthetic Grease to Reduce Instertion Force for Separable Connectors (.pdf)
    automotive connector manufacturers had begun. lubricating female terminals with a petroleum-based, lithium-soap grease with a zinc. oxide fortification. Over time, the grease attacked connector housings, which started. falling off wire harnesses — an obvious safety, quality, and warranty problem. Nye
  • So You Want To Know Connectors? (.pdf)
    Accessory. 07. Jam Nut. Pin – Solder. IH. Solder Mount Hermetic. Socket – Solder. Sizes by Wire Gauge, Examples: *Crimp is removable. 4/0 American. Wire Gauge 4/0. 22D American Wire Gauge 22-28. 2. Nomenclature: Cylindrical Connectors and. Contact Versatility - Several types of Contacts can
  • Affordable Transient Protection - Filter Connectors with Multilayer Planer Varistor Arrays
    lead wire and, now, with. The Filter Connector affords a reduction in overall system size. a typical inductance of the order 1,200 pH, a 1206 MLV chip. and weight as it all but eliminates the need for board level Filter. has a response time of less than 1 nS. circuits. System reliability is improved
  • Screw Terminal Connectors
    Generally, nonrotating wire contacts on screw-terminated connectors handle 12 through 30 awg solid or stranded wire. Similarly, the connectors handle a variety of current capacities, making them useful in power as well as high-speed signal-handling applications. Screw-terminated connectors include

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