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  • Hydraulic Seals and Pneumatic Seals-Image
    Hydraulic Seals and Pneumatic Seals - (299 companies)
    ...hydraulic applications. These seals may be used for rotary and reciprocating motion. Materials. Some hydraulic seals and pneumatic seals are composite. Composite seals are two-or multi-part seals manufactured as an integral unit. A typical composite seal... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Labyrinth Seals and Clearance Seals - (21 companies)
    Labyrinth seals and clearance seals are minimum-leakage seals that protect machine elements from contamination through a noncontact method. They operate on the principle of positive clearance and do not rub on shafts or housing. Labyrinth seal often... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Oil Seals and Grease Seals-Image
    Oil Seals and Grease Seals - (347 companies)
    Description. Oil seals and grease seals have a flexible lip that rubs against a shaft or housing to prevent the leakage or ingress of fluids and dirt. For proper installation, the seal lip should point towards the medium being contained. Some oil... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Diaphragm Seals-Image
    Diaphragm Seals - (109 companies)
    ...the diaphragm to the fill fluid in the upper housing and subsequently to the pressure instrument. There are three common diaphragm seal designs, although custom and specialized varieties are also available. Welded diaphragm seals are welded (or bonded) directly... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Mechanical Seals-Image
    Mechanical Seals - (349 companies)
    ...and temperature. Mechanical seals can be single acting or double acting. Single (acting) mechanical seals have one sealing gap. The lubrication film required by the sliding seal faces is provided by the medium to be sealed. The lubrication film required... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Bonded Seals - (55 companies)
    Bonded seals are metal washers with a rubber insert bonded to the inside diameter for use in high pressure applications. Bonded seals are metal washers with rubber inserts for use in high-pressure applications. The washer resists the bursting forces... Learn More
  • Inflatable Seals - (29 companies)
    ...for inflatable seals depends upon the application. In some instances, inflatable seals may be filled with a liquid or gel to reach the optimum operating pressure. Once inflated, the seal forms a tight connection between the two surfaces, ensuring... Learn More
  • Dynamic Seals - (682 companies)
    ...a barrier between moving and stationary surfaces in rotary or linear applications such as rotating shafts and pistons. Dynamic seals fall into one of two categories, contact and clearance. Contact seals have the seal bear against its mating surface under... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Exclusion Seals - (143 companies)
    ...the exclusion seals category do not actually have any sealing capabilities. Instead, they serve to wipe or scrape away debris from moving or reciprocating shafts or rods. This helps to protect the seal and extend its life. Configurations. Exclusion seals... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • V-ring Seals - (40 companies)
    Description. V-ring seals are all-rubber seals used primarily to exclude dirt and other contaminants. They are stretched over shafts and seal against the side of housing or another machine component. V-ring seals feature a long flexible lip, which... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Bodok seal
Bodok seal From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Bodok seal is a specialised washer that ensures a gas-tight seal

GAS SAFETY UK CLIENT UPDATE - MAY 2005 From the Daily Mirror,...
testing of manifold supplied gas lines to checking if the Bodok washer is providing an adequate seal on medical regulators or anaesthetic trolleys.

Oxygen Therapy Equipment
Bodok Seal. Bonded interface seal for Mk2 Marinox regulator & numerous other 02 systems. Part No: OX010 Bodok Seal £1.50 (including 20 % tax)

Sub-Aqua Products Ltd Full Price List...

Ashton Bonded Seals .04
& Imperial Bonded Seals Kits available from stock BONDED SEAL KIT CONTENTS - c BONDED SEAL KIT CONTENTS - a STANDARD = 03-TA-SD0001062 STANDARD =

Anaesthetic machine: Facts, Discussion Forum, and...
Bodok seal The Bodok seal is a specialised washer that ensures a gas-tight seal

First Aid Room Equipment Dressing Trolleys Resuscitation...
- Manual Resuscitator - Mask ?Adult Resus - Bodok Seal - Mask ? Child Resus Style No. Description Price A22897 550 x 450 x 820mm (WxDxH) With Draw

Industrial Gaskets - Industrial Gaskets...

NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Anaesthetic machine
back-up gas cylinders of oxygen, air, and nitrous oxide attached via a specific yoke with a Bodok seal.

BioPak 240 Revolution BioPak 240 R Benchman's Quiz...
The oxygen "BODOK" seal is subject to high pressure and therefore must be lubricated with Cristo-Lube.

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