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    ...that the purity of the condensate is similar to that of distilled water. Ion exchange removes the unwanted ions from a liquid and replaces them with these resin-specific ions. Most ion exchange resins are porous, cross-linked polystyrene beads. Styrene ion... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Filters Work. Water Filter Media... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    ...and operation, visit the Pump Flow information page on GlobalSpec. Materials. The base material of a condensate pump is important to consider, since condensate is not pure water. The media may contain dust, microbes, water treatment chemicals, sulfuric acid... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Filter Media - (430 companies)
    ...chemicals, gasoline, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, lubricants, water, oil, inks, dies, and paints. Filter media can also remove particulates and contaminants from gas or air. Selection Criteria. Filtration grade or Beta ratio is an important... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Water utilities and sewer utilities provide water for commercial, residential and industrial end users. They also receive "used" water and treat/ process it. Often these are municipal entities. Learn More
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    Water and Sewer Utility Services Information. Water and sewer utility services supply drinking water, remove sewage and wastewater, and/or install connections from processing facilities to private or public water lines and sewers. They supply water... Learn More
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    Boiler controllers monitor and maintain variables such as steam temperature and pressure in order to control a boiler 's burner or air mixture. They differ in terms of functionality, user interface, and form factor. Choices for boiler control... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Water pumps move water that does not contain suspended solids or particulates. Applications include water supply, irrigation, land and mine drainage, sea water desalination, and condensate transport. Description. Water pumps move water that does... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    ...or lapping compounds consist of fine abrasive particles dispersed in a carrier liquid or media. Fixed polishing abrasives can include honing or polishing stones, coated abrasive belts or discs, lapping films, and nonwoven products. Polishing... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    ...of tubing. The tubing is surrounded by a boiler drum filled with hot gases from the furnace; the heat in the drum is transferred to the water tubing to generate steam. Sectional boilers are constructed of several cast iron sections which are bolted... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...for the use of Purolite C-150. cation resin or equal in the condensate polisher. This is a typical resin. selection for sodium cycle condensate polishing applications. Purolite C150. is a macroporous polystyrene sulphonic acid cation-exchange resin with. excellent resistance to osmotic and thermal shock. Its...

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  • "Condensate Polisher Savings Of 23% Realized Through Value Engineering"
    The university power plant operates an 1800 hp low-pressure water tube boiler plant. ...anyone could remember, simply blowing down the boiler has been the solution to poor boiler water quality. ...address the carbon footprint of the university, opened the door to consider a condensate polisher as a... Res-Kem Corp PO Box 1059 Media , PA 19063 In an attempt to move the project forward, it was decided the university utility manager would work... 3) Are there other suitable ion exchange resins that could be used? 4) Does the condensate polishing system’s external piping need be stainless steel? Purolite C150 is a macroporous polystyrene sulphonic acid cation-exchange resin with excellent resistance to osmotic and...
  • Ion Exchange Resins
    ...will probably grow at faster rates than water treatment, but the amounts of resins re- quired will... ...the energy production field for the condenstate pal- ishing required for high pressure boilers , and for the... Water softening Condensate polishing , radio- active cleanup Some of the pr+nzlples of ion exchange as well as its utility can be appreciated by... ...variables such as the degree of agita- tion, the viscosity of the suspension medium , and the use... The term macropor- ous or macroreticular has been applied to such resins.
  • Handbook of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology
    Phosphoric acid, titanium dioxide, steel pickling, regenerating ion exchange resins 98–99 ...end of a sulfur furnace, and the gas passed through a waste heat boiler at the other... tube heat exchanger to condense excess water . ...and Biotechnology, DOI 10.1007/978-1-4614-4259-2_26, # Springer Science+Business Media New York 2012 Evaporator condensate can be used as process water or as a source of steam. Examples are food (human and animal), raw material for certain chemical reactions, and polishing pharmaceutical tablets. ...these are frequent in the Solvay process because of its normally large scale and high utility demands. Hydrophobic macroporous resins are also useful for immobilizing many enzymes, par- ticularly lipases.
  • Advanced Membrane Technology and Applications Complete Document
    Consensus on operating practices for the control of feedwater and boiler water chemistry in modern industrial boilers. On the electrochemistry of ion exchange resins : A review of recent works. ...stem cells, banked cells vs. patient own cells, etc.) How to culture them ( medium , physical, chemical, mechanical... The raw propylene condensate produced in the condenser contains some dissolved nitrogen, so the liquid is flashed... To meet air discharge regulations, this gas is usually sent to a final polishing step, most commonly... ...a thin nanoporous carbon layer ˚ (5 – 7 A) on the surface of a macroporous support. ...categories and is more in line with conventional chemical engineering contactor devices, it has its own utility .
  • Advanced Physicochemical Treatment Processes
    ...provided information on the principal process streams: reactor grit, scrubber residuals, reformed gas, and boiler stack emissions. ...chemical reduction system efficiently treated liquid wastes containing oily PCBs, other organics, and water containing PCBs, other... Compounds in the oil, such as resins , asphaltenes, and waxes, contribute to the formation of stable emul... This process is generally regarded as polishing technologies for emulsified oils. Sublette (33) utilized a mechanical coalescence medium , e.g., an inclined surface separator, after a system of... the spreading of the pressure difference between inlet steam and final outlet condensate over all stages. ...71) to 2004 (Cost Index 506.13) using the US Corps of Engineers Utilities Cost index (9): Macroflotation, 89, 91 Macroporous resins, 265 Magnetic ion exchange resins (MIEX), 288 Manganese oxidation, 2 Manifold, 186...
  • Water Management Chemicals
    Ashland Chemical made Chemextra’s boiler water treatment, cooling water treatment and wastewater treatment business part of its Drew Industrial Division. The acquired operations, including the ion exchange resins business, has been combined with Dow’s Advanced Materials Division. Kemipol, the Polish water treatment chemicals subsidiary of Kemira, acquired the Polish Zlotniki water treatment chemicals business... Albright & Wilson’s water treatment business served customers in the steel and electric utilities industries and had... These suppliers include major chemical companies, such as Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, small to medium -sized chemical companies... ...and metallic ion exchange resins (IER) are used to treat industrial boiler water, condensate and process waters... Macroporous resins of high cross-link density have high resistance to osmotic degradation and oxidation attack and...
  • Bio-Based Adipic Acid
    Activated Carbon Polishing Beds Non- condensable hydrocarbon vapors in the stripping stream are discharged to the plant’s vacuum line for use as fuel gas in the plant’s utility steam boilers . 48.9 Solubility in Water Ion exchange resins 3895067 Condensate medium pressure (300 psia) saturated steam. ...40™ for supplying suitable cation ion exchange resin is Lanxess Lewatit MonoPlus SP112™ macroporous type strongly acid...
  • Ion Exchange & Chromatographic Resins
    5-16 Equipment List and Utility Consumption............................................................... Macroporous beads, 8% DVB content ................................................................. 7-13 Swelling Agents for Gel-type Resins .......................................................................... Ion Exhange Resins for Water Management, Market Share by Company, 2001 (By Sales, Percentage) ................................................................................ ...and adverse contaminants, e.g. lead), wastewater treatment (to remove inorganic contaminants), industrial boiler water treatment (to... Condensate Polishing Therefore, the IX resins act as the ion transport media .
  • Water Treatment Plant Design, Fifth Edition > ION-EXCHANGE APPLICATIONS IN WATER TREATMENT
    Gel Type versus Macroporous Resins This reduced volumetric capacity makes macroporous resins less desirable in most bulk water treatment applications. However, the same resin would not be acceptable in high-flow-rate applications such as condensate polishing . temporary hardness), which is an effective way of minimizing scale buildup in water heaters and boilers . Reports of new media for arsenic removal have appeared frequently in technical journals. ...areas where nitrate in the water is within the regulatory limits, a water utility or individual homeowners...
  • Challenges of Power Engineering and Environment
    ...of the units, which would cause the increase of the capacity of the boiler and some auxiliary... same as rated output when water cooled except under the extreme high temperature in summer. Such structure requires special drainage flash tank and condensate tank and #7 LP heater is required to... This equipment has already gained national utility model patent license (ZL02222119.0). Some specimen were fractured in the resin not at the interface, but they can be thought that... Fig.11 Self-powered street light and a medium -size wind power system at Kochi National Technical... The bar-code is comprised of a polished metal part, which is highly reflective, and a number... [17] Sasaoka E, Uddin AA, Nojima S, “Novel preparation method of macroporous lime from limestone for high...