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  • The 'Friction Flaw' with Fastener Torque Settings Charts

    Given the complexities and variances involved with even properly interpreting a torque settings chart, it's not surprising that achieving proper design tension using torque measurements is like shooting at a moving target. This is why reliance on torque values alone should no longer

  • Impactool Selection Guide

    This chart will assist you in recommending a particular Impactool for a specific application. The figures used are based on 70% of the tension proof load of a given size and grade bolt. For example, a Grade 5 bolt has a proof load of 94,200 psi (649,509 kPa). A 1/ 2"-13 UNC Grade 5 bolt has

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  • Re: Torque Value

    Or you could just ask Google: http://www.portlandbolt.com/technicalinformation/bolt-torque-chart.html...

  • Re: Tightening Torque of High Strength Bolts Std ASTM A 490 type


  • Re: Torque calculations

    Look here http://www.google.co.in/search?hl=en&q=bolt+torque+chart&meta=&aq=f&oq= Results 1 - 10 of about 664,000 for bolt torque chart. (0.10 seconds) (and there are may be a couple of mellions more available if you ask "Metric fastener torque value" or "Imperia...

  • Re: Torque value for the fastners

    I found this information some time ago and hope that it will be useful. What is the Proper Torque to Use on a Given Bolt "What torque should I use to tighten my bolts?" is a question suppliers of bolts are frequently asked by end user customers. Many times I have been asked if a chart...

  • Re: how to calculate PSI to Nm for torque

    True enough and point made: The other scenario is that the first Guest has been given a torque value which he's trying to achieve with either a hydraulic or pneumatic torque wrench. If this is the case, he's likely lost the pressure gauge overlay or torque chart for that particular wrench model and...

  • Re: Compressive Load From Torque

    So what everyone wants to do is to torque the bolt up until it breaks then back it off a half turn. This for general purposes has been done and the torque charts based on bolt grade gives a good starting point in order to clamp items togeather with suffient load to prevent stress fatigue in the...

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Kee Safety Inc.
Box Bolt Expansion Anchor Bolts

Convenient Method for Securing Structural Tube. The BoxBolt is an expansion anchor for steel that can be used to make connections to structural tube sections. It is suitable for use with rectangular, square and circular sections, or other types of steelwork where access is restricted to one side only. BoxBolt Features. Simple Connections to structural tube. Guaranteed Safe Working Loads. 5:1 Factor of Safety. Hot Dip Galvanized for corrosion protection. Available in zinc plate finish. Available...

Bayou City Bolt & Supply Co., Inc.
Applying Correct Torque to Bolts

nbsp;. Bolts and screws are so ubiquitous that it ’s impossible to fully articulate their importance or applications. These fasteners literally hold the world around us together. From the rigors of industry, to the rumble of cars, trains and planes, to the furniture that adorns our homes and offices, bolts play an integral role in assembling the materials that structure our lives.  . Download our new white paper on Torque Specifications. In it you will find information about...

GRI Pumps (A Gorman-Rupp Company)
Chemical Resistance Charts

The Chemical Resistance Charts provide ratings to reveal which chemicals work best with specific materials. These ratings have been developed from technical publications, material suppliers and laboratory tests, and are presented for your evaluation and not as a guarantee. Our staff will help determine material selections for testing.