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  • Proper Fastener Selection and Application are Key to Bolted Joints That Won't Loosen or Lose Clamping Force
    What's a nice bolt like you doing in a joint like this? The right fastener and proper installation methods keep bolted joints from loosening. Experimental Analysis of Thread Movement in Bolted Connections Due to Vibration, Auburn University report prepared for NASA research project NAS8-39131, 1995
  • Stable Bolted Joints
    a firm, strong connection, materials that are stable in the environment, stable geometry, and appropriate stresses in the parts, including a correct clamping force. Bolted joints should prevent slip, separation, vibration, misalignment, and wear of parts. Joints and bolts must
  • Tri-Seal Connections
    Tri-SealTM connections are a proprietary bolted connection of A&N Corporation. Tri-Seal connections have a unique flange system which functions like ISO-KF but accommodates metal gaskets for ultra-high vacuum applications. The bolts in the flange pull the flanged ends together and forming a seal
  • ISO-BF Flanges
    retainer or center ring. Conflat connections are a proprietary bolted connection of Varian Associates.
  • Guess the Real World Emittance (.pdf)
    Real world infrared needs real world emissivities. What is the emissivity of a certain manufacturer's disconnect? How about an aluminum connection on the load or line side of a molded case breaker? High voltage bolted connection? Different stages of corrosion on copper? This paper will create
  • Threaded Fittings
    cause virtual leaks and they joint may contain volatile compounds or elastomeric sealants. Threaded fittings with venting slot and TeflonTM tape seal may be suitable down to 10-6 torr at low temperatures (bakeout <260oC). For very high vacuum (10-9 torr), a clamped or bolted connection with a metal
  • Custom bolt tensioners take the stress off users
    while the nut is seated against the bolted surface. Releasing the tensioner transfers the load to the nut. This residual load is generally a function of applied force and length of the bolted connection or joint. For best results, a tensioning tool should match the specific application. Off-the-shelf
  • Bonding with Elastic Adhesives
    is why the adhesive layer begins to break down. The greatest stress in the bolted connection is around the bolt shaft. Stresses in the elastic adhesive bond are uniformly distributed along the bondline, and all of the bond face contributes to the strength. Elastic bonding is a relatively new fastening
  • How to Maintain Joint Integrity When Converting from Metal to Plastic
    to prevent. loosening. A common problem with bolted joints is that plastics. are susceptible to creep or stress relaxation. Under loads well. below the elastic limit, plastics will lose their ability to maintain. a load. When this occurs, the threaded connection becomes. loose
  • Maintaining a Tight Grip
    their bolted joints. That s where the Nord-Lock Group comes in... Read more. Machine Building. Machine Building. Only as strong as their bolted connections. Whether it’s special-purpose or a designed series, machines must meet requirements yet stay affordable and flexible. Read more

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