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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
BOOT ROM5000 SE2 National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
BOOT ROM5000 SE2 ASAP Semiconductor DIVERSE Not Provided Not Provided
BOOT-2500= ASAP Semiconductor CISCO Not Provided Boot ROM f C2500- Original Retail Packaging
EKDP44026PD04 PLC Radwell Allen Bradley Not Provided DATAPAC BOOT ROM CS 628A
EKDPRP44026PD01 PLC Radwell Allen Bradley Not Provided DATAPAC BOOT ROM CS 08C3
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  • Techniques for Reprogramming the Boot in Automotive Embedded Controllers (.pdf)
    Typically, automotive embedded microcontrollers will have flash ROM-resident boot (boot loader) software in order to reprogram the application software and/or the calibration data. However, depending on the engineering design and manufacturing process, there may be a need to reprogram
  • Embedded Linux on PC/104
    . ating custom boot ROMs designed for various embedded targets. and are tailored to work with their particular setup. Stand-alone. Finally, there is what I call the hybrid approach (Figure 3). In. Kernel and. this case a Linux kernel is booted directly by the target hard-. ware, and then the kernel
  • Wake Up x86 Devices From S5 Sleep State in ms (.pdf)
    (for example, CPU support for 64-bit addressing). The BIOS must also execute the boot code extension for each. By customizing the boot sequence, the developer can. device that has a BIOS expansion ROM. All this work is time-. eliminate unnecessary steps that the BIOS performs at boot. consuming
  • Fixes issue that set external clock higher than 277MHz; CPU now shows correctly when the external clock is over 256MHz Fixes memory unstable issue when running stability and compatability test AGP/PCI bus frequency show only Fixes CD-ROM boot priority device display error; fixes HDD LED blinking
  • Using the TMS320C5535/34/33/32 Bootloader
    This document describes the features of the on-chip ROM for the TMS320C5535/34/33/32 digital-signal. processors. Included is a description of the bootloader and how to interface with it for each of the possible. boot devices, as well as instructions for generating a boot image to store
  • . EPoX. EP-9NDA3+ . 11/10/2004. 11/10/2004. Solves USB device resume failure from S4, patches system cold boot fail when FSB overclocked on SATA PHY M/B, supports DDR400. EPoX.  EP-8K9A2+ . 11/08/2004. 11/8/2004. Show K7 Sempron CPU information correctly
  • Smart Computing Article - Windows 2000 Installation & Setup
    prompt. As a workaround, boot to an existing Windows installation and rerun Setup. If there's no existing Windows installation on your computer, start the Win2000 installation by booting to the Win2000 CD-ROM or use the Setup boot diskettes created by Makeboot.exe. To create a set of Setup boot
  • boot. &Type=BIOS. ASUS. P5P800 . 1007. 02/18/2005. Supports new CPUs. &Type=BIOS. ASUS. P5S800-VM. 1006. 02/16/2005. Supports entering BIOS Setup during resume from S4, turns

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