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Borescopes are most often used in inspection work for inaccessible viewing areas. How Does a Borescope Work?. Home. About. Press Releases. Current All-Spec Promos. Videos. Subscribe. How Does a Borescope Work?. by Andy on October 7, 2010. You may know about the uses of borescopes...

...sufficient light to monitor. the process, so illumination fibers. could be dispensed with. This is. common among high. temperature processes and greatly. simplifies the design of high. temperature borescopes. Microsoft Word - Deepwater Video Fiberscope 2.doc. Small Diameter/High Temp Borescope. General...

Bore scope is a rigid (industrial endoscope) or flexible (fibrescope, flexible borescope) tube with an eyepiece on one end, an objective lens on the other linked together by a relay optical system in between. Borescopes are used for inspection work (borescope inspection) where the area...

Inspect the entire front air. intake section of a GE 404. engine, buried deep inside a. new single engine aircraft. being manufactured by Volvo. Only available port enables. viewing from approximately 16-20. inches away. Microsoft Word - Scanning Zoom Borescope 2.doc. Scanning Zoom Borescope... inspector must make subjective judgments based on data collected by a borescope. Different Scopes for Different Folks. Various types of borescopes play specific roles in visual inspection. These jobs are dictated by the quality issues inherent in the specific manufacturing process that produced...

...flexible. borescopes having high image. quality for critical inspection of rock. strata in drilled holes. These scopes had to be tough. enough to withstand harsh. abrasion from the rock, and had to. be able to use ordinary miner's. headlamps for their sources of. light. Microsoft Word - Miners... coolant tubes in heat. exchangers. The process called. Create a remotely. for inserting new liner tubes into. operated borescope. old corroded tubes and to weld. probe. The probe was. the top and bottom of each liner. inserted into each and every. tube. tube using an X,Y, Z. coordinate...

...and manufacture a semi-automatic. borescope system with interchangeable probes. Case Dimensions - 100”. L x 13-1/2 " Dia. 2.00” dia. x 92” working length – 40° field of view with. Weight – 1000 lbs. 90° scan (LOS - forward to right angle). Inspection to be completed. Incorporate two mode eyepiece section...

The. loads and vibration of. probe’s diameter was reduced. simulated space flight. sharply at the outermost end,. utilizing borescope technology, to. address the narrow access to the. POB 381, Westfield, MA 01086 P: 413 562-3606 F: 413 568-9809 e-mail:

...also help improve efficiency in the workplace by simplifying [...]. Previous post: Basic Parts of a Weller Zero-Smog Fume Extractor. Next post: Save Time and Money with a Borescope. Categories. All-Spec News. Cleaners and Aerosols. ESD News. Green Initiative. Guest Blog. Industry News. IT News...

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Borescope Repair : Integrated Borescope Services : Global...
Global Borescope sells, rents, and repairs many makes and models of Borescope equipment.
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Extech Instruments - Borescopes
Service & Support | Find a Distributor | Contact Us | About Us | Request Catalog BR80 - Video Borescope Inspection Camera
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Land Instruments International
NIR - Borescope - Temperature Profiles inside Furnaces
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Summit Electric Supply ? Wholesale Electrical Supplies and...

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Meters - Test & Measurement from Allied Electronics

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Bell Electronics - Sales / Rentals Electronic Test Equipment
Since 1984, Bell Electronics has served as a major distributor of quality new and refurbished test and measurement equipment.
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Other Shop Tools

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Specialty Bulb | Light Bulb | Companies
Aircraft Airfield Airport Aquarium Automotive/Motorcyles/Buses Borescope Bug Light Construction Light Towers Decorative Display Elevator Emergency
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Burn Technology Test & Measurement Equipment from Extech,...
Borescope Cable Testers Calibrators - Calibrator Accessories
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Extech Environmental Test Equipment | Mouser

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