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    Cores and Tubes - (44 companies)
    ...parameters to consider. These include tube shape, wall thickness, and cap-and-plug options. Most plastic tubes and plastic cores are round or square. Wall styles are designated as think wall, medium wall, or thick wall. In terms of cap-and-plug options, some... Learn More
  • Carbides and Carbide Materials (hardmetals)-Image
    Carbides and Carbide Materials (hardmetals) - (189 companies)
    ...and then redeposited. Types of Carbides. The GlobalSpec SpecSearch database contains information about different types of carbides. Examples include boron carbide, silicon carbide, and tungsten carbide (WC). Boron carbide (B4C) has higher hardness than alumina... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Test Tubes - (105 companies)
    ...plastic tubes, but often more expensive. Fused silica is suitable for applications that require good, long-term thermal stability. Borosilicate glass can withstand thermal shock and chemical attack, making it a common test tube material for chemistry... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Ceramic Tube and Ceramic Rod Products-Image
    Ceramic Tube and Ceramic Rod Products - (178 companies)
    ...products are used in high-temperature applications that require erosion resistance and electrical or thermal insulation. Like other ceramic products, ceramic tubes and rods consist of: Oxides. Carbides. Nitrides. Carbon. Other non-metals with high... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Industrial Ceramic Materials-Image
    Industrial Ceramic Materials - (416 companies)
    How to Select Industrial Ceramic Materials. Industrial ceramic materials are non-metallic, inorganic compounds that include oxides, carbides, or nitrides. They have high melting points, low wear resistance, and a wide range of electrical properties... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Ceramic Powders and Precursors - (203 companies)
    Ceramic powders and precursors contain oxides, carbides, nitrides, carbon, and other non-metals. They are usually micron or mesh-size in distribution. Ceramic powders, sol-gel solutions and precursors are fabricated through atomization, crushing... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Specialty Ceramics - (148 companies)
    Mg3N2) can function as an unconventional superconductor. Silicon nitride (Si3N4) exceeds other ceramics in thermal shock resistance. Boride ceramics are compounds of boron, including: boron carbide (B4C), titanium diboride (TiB2), and zirconium... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Metal Matrix Composites - (50 companies)
    ...reinforcements consist of powders, such as silicon carbide, that are used in metal matrices. Fibrous reinforcements include silicon carbide fibers dispersed in an aluminum alloy matrix. Continuous reinforcements include filament-wound, carbon fiber... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Plugs, Stoppers, and Inserts - (349 companies)
    Expanding Tube. Expanding tube plugs are used in moderate pressure applications, such as condensers and heat exchanger tubes. The plug designs usually consist of a central arbor which is pulled back into the body of the plug by tensioning a bolt... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Ceramic Insulation and Textiles - (162 companies)
    ...or synthetic fibers. Heat-insulating rope is used to provide a thermal seal around doors or other openings in furnace walls. Sleeves or wraps are flexible, fibrous refractories for insulating pipes, tubes, ducts and other process components. Formats. Woven... Search by Specification | Learn More

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