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...and possibly most-important aviation material since aluminum alloys were developed in the 1920s. They consist of a matrix or resins, such as epoxies and polyamides, embedded with reinforcements, including glass, boron, and carbon fibers. Although the finished materials are strong and lightweight...

...of graphite, boron, quartz, or organic materials. Molding compounds, on the other hand, contain discrete fibers such as chopped glass or asbestos, or particulate fillers such as graphite powders, MOS2, or PTFE. Polyimide films and wire enamels are generally unfilled. Coatings may be pigmented or filled...

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  • Chapter 4—Fabrication Processes for Composite Materials and Structures
    A controlled pressure/heat cycle ensures flow of resin through the release fabric and into the boron fabric which is removed after cure.
  • Fibers, Specialty Inorganic
    In Japan, New Metals & Chemicals Co., Ltd.—the sole agent of boron fabrics manufactured by Specialty Materials—has sold boron fibers to a limited number of users.
  • Reinforced Plastics
    Boron fabrics also are now being made for the military.
  • Silicon-semiconductor technology
    Further, uses also a spatial redistribution of impurities in the polycrystalline rod: the solubility of many metals as well as doping materials boron and phosphorus is larger than in the crystalline material in the melt; these materials are transported therefore in the …
  • Ammonium in flowing bodies of water of the Saale-catchment area
    Still accompanied ihrend W ~ the development phase of the GREAT-ER of model of 1996-1999 by Monitoring campaigns of fi ~ rdie washing agent ingredients boron and LAS in the pilot-catchment areas in Grof ~ Britain and Italy, soil …
  • Technology of materials
    … resistance connected to it makes these ceramics varieties as well as the Hartstoffe boron carbide also rested …
  • Technology of materials
    The very high hardness and the wear resistance connected to it makes these ceramics varieties as well as hard materials boron carbide also rested B4C and cubic boron nitride CBN as cutting materials.
  • Morphology and ecology of the perianalen haarkranzes of the aphiden
    to a korbartigen structure ( boron -stenkSrbehen) together ,,typische " or ,,voll. entwiekelte " form of the perianalen hair rim .
  • Laws and of bylaw
    Sti ~ of rrogen (caviar) with the additive boron ~ iure or borax .
  • Effect cross-sections for the absorption of slow neutrons
    To a starting point fiir the judgment and Yergleich's the individual of values to obtain betraehten we zun ~ ichst the particularly important and here thoroughly investigated materials boron , manganese and copper something specifically.

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