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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ALUMINUM-BOX ASAP Semiconductor CESSNA CITATION Not Provided Not Provided
BOX RETEX ALUMINUM ASAP Semiconductor RETEX Not Provided Yoram
425-1"X60YD-BOX Digi-Key 3M Tapes, Adhesives TAPE ALUMINUM FOIL 1" X 60YD
425-2"X60YD-BOX Digi-Key 3M Tapes, Adhesives TAPE ALUMINUM FOIL 2" X 60YD
425-3/4"X60YD-BOX Digi-Key 3M Tapes, Adhesives TAPE ALUMINUM FOIL 3/4" X 60YD
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  • Foundry Amine Scrubbing (.pdf)
    The emissions from foundry core boxes are highly odorous and include particulate in the form of sand. A major automotive supplier producing aluminum engine castings solved their core box emissions problem using a Verantis fiberglass SPT-72-120 countercurrent scrubber with inlet drop-out box.
  • The Need to Test Overall Barrier Property of Package
    Abstract: This article briefs on the current conditions of package barrier property testing. Based on field test data, the need to test overall barrier property of package is analyzed. Liquid is mainly packaged in containers. Except for metal cans and packing box of pulp-molded aluminum, one
  • Forget general-purpose software -- Get Focused
    aluminum flow. The lower one shows temperatures in the same flow. StressCheck from ESRD can be used as a black-box solver to analyze general problems such as fastened joints and stiffened panels. Users identify the number of holes in the joint or number of ribs in a stiffened panel, their locations
  • 2009 Dodge Caliber R/T
    The most affordable of the Dodge lineup, the Caliber R/T four-door hatchback features amenities not found on similar or smaller-sized cars, such as liftgate-mounted speakers that flip down, a chilled glove box for beverages, and a hard-drive-based audio and navigation systems that can store
  • Auto Body Supply
    to store in any area that can accommodate an average-sized tool box, it's lightweight and flexible enough to be rolled out when you need to put it to use. With the powerful hydraulic ram that does the actual compacting, the Little Squeeze has four tons of crushing power. Because these are perfect
  • Latest Developments in Barrier Property Test of Package
    of the important indexes of flexible package, barrier property directly influences the quality guarantee period of inner content. In fact, except for metal cans and packing box of pulp-molded aluminum, one complete package mainly consists of bottle body and bottle cap. Bottle body is the main test object
  • CAD unlocks spiral manufacturing
    menus and dialogue box help eliminate guesswork in customizing NC code changes are immediately visible on
  • Quantum leap for digital cable
    shuttling information between two superconducting circuits, or "quantum bus, " could transport data between two or more qubits. A superconducting qubit is about the width of a human hair. The researchers fabricate two qubits on a sapphire microchip, which sits in a shielded box measuring about 8 cu mm
  • Computer Power User Article - The Search Continues
    about building a living room box grows larger by the week. We decided to tackle the chassis problem and examine several of the best cases for the task. This is tougher than it seems. Tower systems are simply aesthetic nightmares, and even SFF boxes, such as the XPC and iDEQ, can seem out of place
  • Computer Power User Article - Mod(ern) Art
    four-line crystalfont, blue, fixed with screws on the Musketeer's empty box, with a new orange Plexi front and two rounded Plexi

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