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  • Engineering Success into Wireline Operations in High Pressure Gas Wells
    a) Upgraded specifications for wireline equipment for more powerful, modular power packs and winches. ...and winches to support multiple operations. b) Sufficient inventory of 0.22-in. braided line and 0...
  • Optical fiber sensors for oil and gas applications
    ...array is encased within a double armored cable and is manufactured to temperature specifications according to the... For retrievable applications, a braided wireline type cable is used to encase the fiber optic array, allowing the array to be deployed and retrieved in the well bore numerous times.
  • Field Experience With Riserless Light-Well Intervention
    ...this strength comes at the price of living with the rough exterior of the cable’s braided construction. As a result wireline friction rubbing against the tubing wall could take away ultimate reach attainable by... API Specification 16D points out a nearly 50 percent reduction in accumulator capacity when used in water...
  • New Electronic Measurement System Enhances Slickline Service Capabilities
    The resulting system is compatible with all commonly used slicklines and braided lines and with 2-, 3... ...tied into the hydraulic drive and will stall the hydraulic drive of the wireline drum if line... A complete set of specifications is given in the Appendix, and Figure 4 provides a picture of...
  • Designing High-Angle/Casing-Directionally-Drilled Wells
    All of this equipment requires certification to Norway regulatory specifications . providing the wireline unit is somewhat more problematic in that only a single wireline unit has been... ...the capability to pull up to 40,000 lbf with a 7/8-in. braided cable while meeting...
  • A Battery-Operated, Electro-Mechanical Setting Tool for Use with Bridge Plugs and Similar Wellbore Tools
    When the specified setting force has been applied to the packer, the setting tool ~parates fmm the... ...charge, which is normally detonated by a surface-supplied elec- trical impulse by means of the wireline . One design, shown in Fig. 2, can be run on braided or slick line and is operated...
  • Heavy-Duty Wireline Fishing Operation Restores Production to North Sea Well...
    Specifications are subject to change without notice. Previous attempts using the incumbent slickline provider’s braided -cable fishing equipment had proven unsuccessful. • Weatherford mobilized its specialized 2 11/16-in. heavy-duty wireline fishing (HDWF) tool string with exclusive...

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