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  • LMS Engineering - Solving Brake Noise Problems
    In order to solve brake related noise problems, a clear insight in the fundamentals of self-exiting oscillations is of utmost importance. When a brake path is contacted to a rotating disc or drum, a non-steady friction force is generated. Under certain, usually poorly controlled, boundary
  • Breakthrough in Brake Squeal Prediction Helps to Eliminate Noise Problems Early in Design Process
    can perform. building expensive and long-leadtime prototypes. modal analysis of the prestressed structure. An unsymmetric stiffness matrix. is a result of the friction coupling between the brake pad and disc; this may. lead to complex eigenfrequencies. If the real part of the complex frequency
  • Cruise Liner, Millenium
    torque. Also included as part of the brake system is a mechanical locking device unit on each propeller shaft. ./7b026a5f-e1de-4d02-989b-206a5b13f1e3 CASE STORY. CRUISE LINER. Photo: ALSTOM Chantiers de l’Atlantique. CUSTOMER. SHIP DATA. Celebrity Cruises. Length 294 m (321.5 yd). Propulsion
  • Ocean Liner Queen Mary 2
    The propulsion brake systems on Queen Mary 2 consists of four Dellner model SKD 100 hydraulic pressure applied brakes working on a brake disc ø1300 mm (51.18 in). Each Mermaid Pod uses this system, which also have a mechanical device that locks the propeller shaft after the brakes are set
  • Engineering and Design Notes for Clutches and Brakes
    a direct. application of the commanding signal or upon removal of the signal. Thus a clutch can be made to. engage when energized, or to disengage when energized. The model BF brake and the CF clutch are. examples of this “reverse” type of action. 3. MECHANICAL CLUTCHES. The basic types of clutches
  • Shepard Niles Hoist Specifications
    directions. housing insures smooth positive operation. Can be factory or field mounted. Power circuit,. overload and slack cable switches are available. MECHANICAL BRAKE WIRE ROPE ACCESSIBILITY. The multiple disc mechanical load brake will Extra improved plow steel with The motor, controller, gearing. hold
  • Choosing Between Air and Electric Clutch-Brakes
    that a clutch or brake disc can absorb without raising the temperature enough to permanently damage the friction interface. Heat sink values represent the total amount of heat that a clutch or brake friction plate can absorb during a given period of time. It is a measure of the amount of heat required to raise
  • An Advanced Steering Wheel Sensor
    ring, and the hub. The spring and ring provide a mechanical link between the steering shaft and the sensor. The detector housing assembly contains the reverse polarity protection diode, wave forming capacitors, EMI filtering capacitors, the current limiting resistor for the LED, and the opto ASIC

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  • Disc Brake Squeal
    [1.34] Pilipchuck, V.N., and Tan, C.A., "Investigation of a Friction-Induced Source of Excita- tion in Disc Brake Systems," Symposium on Dynamics, Acoustics and Simulations, ASME International Mechanical Engineering Conference and Exhibition, New Orleans, 2002.
  • On Automotive Disc Brake Squeal Part I: Mechanisms and Causes
    75 Yang F. , Tan C. A. , and Chen F. , “Application of the Empirical Mode Decomposition Method to the Identification of Disc Brake Squeal�? , ASME International Mechanical Engineering Conference and Exposition, Symposium on Dynamics, Acoustics and Simulations , New Orleans , 17-22 November , 2002 .
  • Advanced Brake Technology
    [4-20] Füller, K.H.: Tribology, mechanical and thermal behaviour of new brake materials in car disc brakes, Dissertation, Univ.
  • Dubbel
    - [72] filler, K.-H.: Tribological, mechanical and thermal behavior of new brake materials in vehicle disc brakes. thesis.
  • Dubbel
    Drive technique 4, 76-77 (1996), [35], filler, K.-H.: Tribological, mechanical and thermal behavior of new brake materials in vehicle disc brakes. Diss.
  • Köhler / Rögnitz machine parts 2
    [10] filler, K.-H.: Tribological, mechanical and thermal behavior of new brake materials in vehicle disc brakes. thesis.
  • Two New 'Instant Brake' Grinders From Metabo Revolutionize Grinder Safety
    Both new 'instant brake ' grinders offer a mechanical brake system that stops a grinding disc in two seconds or less, or stops thin cutting wheels in one second or less.
  • Mercedes-Benz introduces Silver Arrow SL500 and SL600 Limited Editions commemorate the heritage of Silver Arrow racing cars
    Unique mechanical components includes new multipiece, six-spoke 18-in alloy wheels and tires; cross-drilled brake rotors front and rear; Xenon high-intensity gas discharge headlights and a six- disc CD changer.