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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
8922EMBS20415 Radwell Square D Test Equipment, Torque Calibrator MOTOR BRAKE
8922EMBC36 Radwell Groupe Schneider Test Equipment, Torque Calibrator MOTOR BRAKE
TORQCOMMANDER32 Radwell Regent Controls Test Equipment, Torque Calibrator ADJ. TORQUE CONTROL FOR 90V CLUTCH BRAKE
8922EMBS20415 Radwell Schneider Automation Inc Test Equipment, Torque Calibrator MOTOR BRAKE

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  • IQC Brake Test System
    The IQC Brake Rotor/Drum Test system is designed for. 100% Resonance Frequency Inspection. Brake Rotors/. Drums are required to pass a series of tests to validate. that the modal parameters of a rotor/drum are within. product specifications. The Signalysis IQC System. brings traditional NVH
  • Load Cell Application - Brake Evaluation
    As common test among major automotive manufacturers, brake testing isn't only required by government regulation, it is also a safety measure that any consumer would definitely want undertaken before putting a vehicle into use. Brake system testing is normally carried out during various stages
  • Brake Caliper Assembly System (.pdf)
    Assembly and Test Worldwide has installed multiple Brake Caliper Assembly Systems in a major supplier's facility in the Southern United States. These systems have been producing the highest quality brake components since 1996. The systems utilize a synchronous dial index machine with flexible
  • Resolving Customers' Brake Noise Issues
    Since its foundation, Link Engineering Company has focused on the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art test systems for the automotive, aerospace, railway and general industries. Today, with special emphasis on brake testing solutions, Link Engineering is a global leader and delivers complete
  • ABS Brake System Success Story
    Anti-lock brake systems are of indisputable importance for vehicle safety. They can be found in modern cars through the whole range of various models and types. Manufacturers require that ABS device components be of the highest product quality and also regarding lot sizes. We were challenged
  • Brake Rotor Testing Using Capacitance Sensors
    quality products are not used. Extensive on-vehicle testing is done under real life conditions to test prototype units and engineering designs. Test vehicles are driven for long periods of time while brake performance is monitored by a variety of sensors and data acquisition systems.
  • Characterization of Automotion Brake Thermal Conditions by the Use of Infrared Thermography
    , it affects the surface temperatures resulting from the small influence on the friction of the brake shoes. Keywords: vehicles, emission tests, brakes, infrared, thermography INTRODUCTION A close collaboration is sustained between different automotive companies established in Spain, such as SEAT-WOLKSWAGEN
  • Abrasion test results/Lab Report
    of 30 degrees, (3) a mechanical. brake to control platform, and (4) a standard sandblast cabinet. Crushed walnut shell, AD-3B (-12+20 mesh) is. used as the blasting medium. Each 100 hour test is started with 50 pounds of new crushed shell and the same. abrasive when fresh is less abrasive after 100
  • Torque measuring in calibration lab on the test bench
    . According to the report, 60 percent of the recalls were the result of mechanical defects. At 17.3 percent, vehicle brake systems are frequently affected. An example from April 2009: an incorrect torque was the probable cause of a recall, in which 10,000 owners were obliged to return their compact cars
  • Measuring Forces Where the Direction of the Load Changes
    An aircraft manufacturer needs to measure the force a pilot must apply to the brake pedal to stop an airplane. To do this, a load cell is affixed to the brake pedal's upper surface. A test technician then applies a force with his/her foot. Another load cell is sandwiched between the brake shoe

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