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  • Handle Nut Torque
    RuB forged brass ball valves have handle nuts according to the following table.
  • Elevator Service Valves
    asks what is the strength and ductility of our brass bodies, the answer must be - sorry, our valves are not designed to meet such specs, and, although they might do a fine job, we can't guarantee the product beyond what is already published in our catalog.
  • TherMark Helps Colonial Engraving Laser Mark Metals
    , two-person business, Short handles a wide range of projects, from engraving electrical wall plates and office signs for commercial customers to glassware and gifts for consumers. Short's laser marking work mostly involves steel, stainless steel and brass products. She had grown frustrated
  • Copper-jacketed germ buster
    of infection. Lab tests by researchers in the U.K. and U.S. have established that copper and its alloys (bronze, brass, copper-nickels, and nickel-silvers) can quickly and efficiently eradicate several different pathogens Escherichia coli O157:H7 (E. coli), Influenza A, and Methicillin- resistant
  • Shipboard Reverse Osmosis System
    systems. The R/O systems will handle "all" shipboard water requirements. The supply side flowmeters are suitable for use on seawater, thus, they are constructed of naval brass and monel. These materials provide long life against seawater's corrosive nature. The flowmeters on the discharge side
  • Quick-Action Couplers
    is permissible. They are suitable for vacuums down to 10 >= torr. On pump supply lines, a size should be selected that will not produce about 1.5-psi pressure drop at required flow. A wide variety of seals and materials are available for these couplers: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum
  • A Critical Look at Acme, Ball, and Roller Screws for Linear Motion
    the assembly, which can be an advantage. However, inherent energy losses mean Acme screws need more motor torque compared to other screw types. Common nut materials include self-lubricating plastics, polymers, and metals such as brass or bronze. Nonmetallic materials generally have higher efficiencies due
  • A Good Example of Bad Design
    or scalding hot. Another control involved a novel way of turning on the shower. It so happened I was in the tub before I even looked for a shower control. I saw none at all. Finally, I spied a small brass plaque screwed to the wall. (I'm not making this up.) The lighting in the shower was dim
  • CPG Helps Shop Operate 24/7
    with the new auto-threader. They strictly use .008 diameter VAN-TGTM brass wire on all 3 Wire EDM's. They manufacture stamping die for multiple industries most notably, telecom and home health care products. The materials are 50/50 steel and carbide. Due to the high production atmosphere of their business
  • Foolproofing embedded sensors
    magnet and the sensor tube. This capability also eliminates wear. A point to note is that the material directly between the position magnet and the rod should be nonferrous. Common architectural materials that allow this include plastics, composite, ceramics, aluminum, brass, most stainless steels

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