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  • Brazing Processes
    Brazing joins parts by heating them to more than 840 F and applying a filler metal that has a melting temperature below that of the base metal. Filler metal flows into the joint by capillary attraction. Brazing has several advantages. Dissimilar metals can be joined. Assemblies can be brazed
  • Brazing with Nickel Based Brazing Filler Metals
    The American Welding Society defines brazing as "a. group of welding processes which produces. coalescence of materials by heating them to a suitable. temperature and using a filler metal having a liquidus. temperature above 840 ºF (450 ºC) and below the. solidus temperature of the base materials
  • Induction Brazing of Banjo Nipples
    An EFD Induction brazing solution at diesel engine specialist Agco Sisu Power slashes production times for high-grade banjo fittings.
  • When Brazing Beats Welding
    Brazing is an economical method for making strong, permanent metal joints. Compared with welding, brazing requires relatively low temperatures, is readily automated, and can join dissimilar metals. Brazing filler materials come in a wide range of compositions, shapes, and sizes to suit most
  • Back to the future with copper brazing
    Anneal-resistant copper alloys and a dedicated brazing process could bring copper's high strength and heat conductivity back to air conditioning. Remember when copper was commonly used in mobile air conditioning? Hans Fernqvist does. He's a leading technical expert on climate AC systems at and has
  • Seven Steps to Successful Brazing
    choice. The second major consideration in joint design is joint clearance, i.e., the distance between the faying surfaces. Because brazing works through capillary action and joint clearance defines the capillary, this is a critical consideration. For most brazing alloys in the B-CuP and B-Ag families
  • The Road To Successful Brazing
    The "Road" to brazing success can have many potholes. The key to avoiding these problems is to follow the same basic steps on each and every brazed assembly. The following information is provided as a general guideline; please contact a Bellman-Melcor representative with any questions.
  • Induction Brazing of Short Circuit-Ring
    The shortcut to better short-circuit ring brazing Brazing the short-circuit ring (SCR) is a crucial step when manufacturing motor rotors. And as more and more companies are discovering, induction technology is unrivaled as the heat source for brazing.
  • Measuring Aluminum Brazing Flux Concentration
    Fluxes are used in the various aluminum brazing operations such as the Nocolok (R) Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) process mainly used in the manufacture of automotive heat exchangers like radiators, condensers, heater cores and charge air coolers.
  • Brazing a copper elbow tube assembly
    In this copper brazing process, induction offers more precise, repeatable heating than current flame process......