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  • Break it on purpose
    Highly Accelerated Life Testing during design can make products last longer and reduce service headaches. A unit clamped to the vibration table ready for testing is visible through the open door of the Halt chamber. Air ducts vector temperature-controlled air across the unit while the vibration
  • Bad Cable or Bad Test Fixture?
    A common testing problem is determining whether a reported failure is truly a problem with the Device-Under-Test or a problem with the test interface. Test connectors wear out with repeated usage, pins break, plating is worn off and intermittent readings can occur. Any defects in the test interface
  • BMW - Using Virtual Test Rigs for Loads Prediction
    The "Holy Grail" for many durability engineers is to reliably predict where and when their products will break - long before the first hardware prototype is built. To do so would dramatically shorten the durability process and help engineers to get higher quality products to market faster and more
  • Drive Helps Gear Dyno Keep its Cool
    and load. Such tractor dynos lack control sensitivity needed for the work. A differential break-in test, for example, runs 2 hr, during which technicians plot differential temperature versus time, a measure of drag torque. The tests also heat the hydraulic oil, changing its viscosity and, hence
  • Summary of Echo Probe Low-Temperature Testing (.pdf)
    In order to test the durability of the Echo Probe wires at low temperatures, a simple procedure was followed. Probes were placed in an ultra-low temperature freezer until they had reached a known temperature. Then they were bent by hand to test if they would break.
  • Measuring Tack of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (.pdf)
    The procedure for measuring tack of pressure sensitive adhesives is fully described in some ASTM methods. The definition for tack is the maximum force required to break contact from the adhesive surface as the test probe pulls away. The units of force should be stated in kPa. This result
  • White Paper - Push/Pull Testing
    Overview of the Push/Pull test procedure and its role in the caster, wheel and material handling industry. Ergonomics are critical in many applications and this testing device serves as a measuring stick for both initial break away forces and sustained movement forces.
  • Shear Strengths of Representative Bayer MaterialScience Thermoplastics (.pdf)
    ) and welded joints. All the shear strength values were established on the basis of ASTM D 732-02. The test specimens required with a thickness of 1.6 mm were produced by injection molding. Additionally the yield stress respectively the stress at break were established for the same materials in tensile tests
  • Maximizing Your Prism4 CMMS Data Assets
    is a dose of proven technology that won't break the budget and offers greater returns for an existing system. Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC) in the United States is the premier test and development center for flight simulation in the United States Air Force. The impressive facility
  • What China wants in electronics testing
    How can companies making test equipment break into the growing Chinese market? The booming electronics industry in China beckons Western test-equipment suppliers. But doing business in China is not as simple as sending catalogsand a sales force, then waiting for orders to pour in. Chinese