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  • Break it on purpose
    table reaches accelerations up to 15 A close-up view of a unit under test shows the vibration clamp bars that secures the unit to the vibration table and the forced-air ducts used to heat or cool the unit. Equipment used to operate and monitor the unit under test sits outside the Halt chamber. Cables
  • Drive Helps Gear Dyno Keep its Cool
    and load. Such tractor dynos lack control sensitivity needed for the work. A differential break-in test, for example, runs 2 hr, during which technicians plot differential temperature versus time, a measure of drag torque. The tests also heat the hydraulic oil, changing its viscosity and, hence
  • Arthur G. Russell Co. and NTI Announce a Dual Break Through in Nano Fiber Production using New Die Design and Inexpensive Polymers.
    Dateline Thursday October 1, 2009 A series of tests at University of Tennessee lab under the direction of Dr. Gajanan Bhat produced nano-fibers in PP and two polyesters, PET and PBT. The latter are inexpensive fibers never before melt blown into nano-fibers so far as is known. The die was designed
  • Bad Cable or Bad Test Fixture?
    A common testing problem is determining whether a reported failure is truly a problem with the Device-Under-Test or a problem with the test interface. Test connectors wear out with repeated usage, pins break, plating is worn off and intermittent readings can occur. Any defects in the test interface
  • BMW - Using Virtual Test Rigs for Loads Prediction
    The "Holy Grail" for many durability engineers is to reliably predict where and when their products will break - long before the first hardware prototype is built. To do so would dramatically shorten the durability process and help engineers to get higher quality products to market faster and more
  • Tensile Strength
    Tensile strength at break is the maximum amount of stress required to fail or break the material under tension loading test conditions. Tensile strength tests are typically performed according to test procedure standards such as ASTM D-638 or ISO 527-1, ASTM D-1708, ASTM D-2289 (plastics at high
  • Shear Strengths of Representative Bayer MaterialScience Thermoplastics (.pdf)
    ) and welded joints. All the shear strength values were established on the basis of ASTM D 732-02. The test specimens required with a thickness of 1.6 mm were produced by injection molding. Additionally the yield stress respectively the stress at break were established for the same materials in tensile tests
  • Summary of Echo Probe Low-Temperature Testing (.pdf)
    In order to test the durability of the Echo Probe wires at low temperatures, a simple procedure was followed. Probes were placed in an ultra-low temperature freezer until they had reached a known temperature. Then they were bent by hand to test if they would break.
  • Medical Device Link .
    abnormally thick, sticky mucus that clogs the lungs and leads to life-threatening pulmonary infections. These thick secretions obstruct the pancreas as well, preventing digestive enzymes from reaching the intestines to help break down and absorb food. CFTR multimutation screening
  • Under the weather
    development schedules now land new products on the showroom floor at break-neck speed. Gone are the days when designs had the luxury of long in-depth testing programs. Accelerated development schedules present a conundrum of sorts when it comes to the effects of weathering. The forces of nature haven't