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  • Indoor Air Quality Solutions
    When breathing in, a human absorbs oxygen from the air and releases carbin dioxide, water and volatile organic olfactory substances into the air when exhaling. The air inhaled contains 21% by volume oxygen and 0.035% by volume carbon dioxide, the air exhaled contains 16% by volume oxygen and 4%
  • Compressed Air History
    . Email. Password. (Min. 6 Characters). Repeat Password. I would like to receive information about upcoming events, company and product news. Login. Email. Password. I forgot my password. Air Dryers. Point-of-Use Dryers. Desiccant Air Dryers. Refrigerated Air Dryers. Deliquescent Air Dryers. Breathing
  • Case Studies on the Effects of Ultraviolet Air Purification on the Air Quality in Hospitals and Clinics
    the. right conditions, mould can grow rampant, growing. on everything from fibreboard, gypsum, paper,. heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC). condensate pans and coils. The National Center for. Environmental Health (NCEH) describes that the. exposure to moulds in some individuals can
  • CO2 Indoor Air Quality Solutions
    flow of 30m³/h per person to maintain indoor air quality. DIN 1946-6 defines 1500ppm carbon dioxide (co2) as the hygienic indoor quality guidance value for interior rooms. Gas Sensors | CO2 Sensors | Bad air quality in schools | Adequate ventilation indoor | CO2 Indoor Air Quality Solutions. Site Map
  • Capistrano Unified Reduces Indoor Air Contaminants By 66%
    not. enough. The Sanuvox UV unit picks up where vacuuming, HVAC maintenance and fresh-air ventilation leaves. off, literally stripping the air of contaminants. As the classroom air flows through the unit, it is pushed past two. high-powered UV lights. That light eliminates contaminants in the air
  • Medical Device Link .
    defined. "An accurate measurement of airflow and ventilation would help us to detect a breathing disorder and define it with a higher accuracy. ". The current prototype consists of a recording unit and a disposable measurement unit. When a patient exhales, the air is expired to the disposable unit
  • Building Management Systems - BMS
    average exposures to CO2 is. In order to have optimum ventilation it is important. 5000 ppm. The current American Society of. to use an affordable and stable sensor technology. Why the need to. 1. Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-conditioning. to measure CO2 concentrations that can determine. measure
  • Medical Device Link .
    respiration-monitoring equipment. Any application that involves measuring a pressure or vacuum will employ a pressure transducer. Consider the portable ventilator that brings fresh air or oxygen to a patient in need of breathing assistance. Pressure sensors in the oxygen delivery system can determine whether

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