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  • ARMEX Removes Soot and Smoke Damage from Limestone, Brick, and Wood
    - Architecture Cleaning & Restoration: Fire and Smoke Damage. ARMEX Removes Soot and Smoke Damage from Limestone, Brick, and Wood. Application Overview. St. Andrew's Baptist Church in Wichita, Kansas suffered an extensive fire in the kitchen. The structural fire damage was confined to the kitchen; however
  • The Use of Inhibitors for Chmical Cleaning of Industrial Equipment (.pdf)
    . Material. Temp (oK). W/m2 K/m. Commercial pure iron. 273. 76. Carbon Steel (AISI 1020). 273. 65. Nickel (80%)-Cr (20%). 273. 12. Magnetite (Fe3O4). 304. 7. Dry Brick. 273. 0.04. Dry Silica (Sand). 273. 0.33. Copper, electrolytic. 273. 390. Refractory deposits not only restrict and reduce the flow
  • Testing the Effectiveness of Baking Soda Media Blasting for Cleaning fungal contamination in Buildings
    , ceiling joists, sub-flooring and wall framing. As it is less abrasive and thus less destructive to brick than sand blasting, it and can be used on masonry exteriors as well. By contrast with common remediation methods which hand clean and seal the framing and sub-floor, leaving everything white
  • More Than Just a Vacuum Cleaning System
    is an important function that requires effective vacuum cleaning systems. There are increasing concerns among workers, labor unions and OSHA about the quality of the plant environment. For example, in the glass, brick and cement industries and where sand is extensively used, silicosis (a lung disease
  • Chicago using ARMEX (R) Cleaning and Coating Removal Systems to Remove Graffiti from Buildings, Shelters
    as the graffiti itself. The city also tried a citrus spray which police officials say could not compare with the effectiveness of the ARMEX (R) Cleaning and Coating Removal System. Substrates: The most common surfaces marred by graffiti are concrete, brick, wood, and metal. Special Concerns: Since
  • Success Stories: ACME Machine Works Inc. (.pdf)
    . and efficient crucible. a time consuming, tedious and expensive process. cleanings. because the hammer would damage the refractory. brick in the crucible liner. Liner replacement for the. 68-inch inside diameter and 36-inch deep crucibles. was particularly expensive. Figure 1. SOLUTION. ACME designed
  • Biggest Single ARMEX (R) Project Completed in Detroit
    , as gorgeous now as it was more than 70 years ago. Architectural Restoration. The Restoration of San Francisco's Golden Gate Amphitheater Receives Rave Reviews. The Amphitheater in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California, seemed invincible. Built in 1900, the historic terra cotta and red brick
  • Treatment of Aluminum for Improved Foundry Products
    with a chisel like tool. Furnace Problems without Fluxing. When no flux is used in the furnace the cleaning operation requires much more force which results in damaged brick. If the furnace is not well cleaned the oxides and spinels will build up on the furnace walls, particularly at the metal line. The longer

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