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Parts by Number for Bridge Plug Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DM330022 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided . The dsPICDEM MCSM Development Board supports terminal voltages up to 80V and currents up to 3A. The dsPIC33F device uses the MOSFET driver to drive the two full-bridge inverters that power the motor windings. The board includes various circuitries to perform the following functions: Ø Drive two...
3030226 Allied Electronics, Inc. PHOENIX CONTACT Not Provided Bridge; Plug-In Bridge; 20; Red; Cross connections in the terminal center.
2967691 Allied Electronics, Inc. PHOENIX CONTACT Not Provided Single plug-in bridge, Length: 14 mm, Number of positions: 2, Color: black
3030132 Allied Electronics, Inc. PHOENIX CONTACT Not Provided Bridge; Plug-In Bridge; 4; Red; Cross connections in the terminal center.
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